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New Panasonic firmware update for...the GH2?

    Version 1.2, adding "Improve the compatibility of Panasonic battery". Hope it is compatible with the 1.1 hacks.

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  • It's not for my camera. I have DH2, D stands for Driftwood.

    Ps. I'm not going to mess with such a variety of options we have!

  • @MarcioK

    Well, no, of course.

    Version 1.2, adding "Improve the compatibility of Panasonic battery".

    Who knows that this means.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Will stay in 1.1, then.

  • I am sure Panasonic is trying kill GH2 for who still have GH2 like me.

  • @jkabuyah

    I doubt it, as you can reinstall hacked firmware any time (just put bigger version increment).

  • Yeah, there's no reason for them to make a camera that is 7 years old obsolete. They are always worried about making the most recent model obsolete. :D

  • who has sold it?

  • I don't know about you, but I intend being buried with mine! :)

  • @chef - unfortunately, I sold both of mine. :(

  • @chef Intended to sell it some time ago, procrastination attacked, now it is cheap, will keep mine.

  • GH2 still gets used for photography quite often. Nothing wrong with it, certainoy not going to upgrade the firmware now.

  • I am sure Panasonic is trying kill GH2 for who still have GH2 like me.

    Why on earth would they even care? The GH2 is so old, this firmware update is quite surprising to me.

  • Does anyone have old(1.1) patch? And when will be the port of 1.2?

  • its that a joke? I'm still got mine , and I will never sell , also If i got two GH5 anyone tested this new firmware?

  • Hello, I just bought a Panasonic DMW-BLC12 battery and it comes with a notification inside the box that says: update the firmware of the DMC-GH2 to the latest version if you are going to use this battery.

    What could happen if I don't update? Is it any risk? because it says that it improve compatibility of panasonic battery. nothing else.

    Can someone shed a bit of light on this matter? Thanks.

  • @Kiklin

    Well, if it works without update - it works.

    At worst it can tell you that you have non compatible battery.

  • Tested and doesn't work. Well, Now we know a little more about why a new firmware. Thanks anyway

  • Hi, a bit OT but .. i just got a GH2 i used to have a GH3 but some rotten bastard stole it .. anyway i never used the hacks before, i think ive sussed out how to used the ptool and V1.1 FW ( not actually updated FW yet ) my question is.. this Driftwood for example thing etc etc.. are these just settings that i somehow load into the GH2 ? sorry im a bit clueless.. as you can tell. :O) edit.. ok i " sort of " have it.. i use the lettered buttons at the bottom of ptool for settings / changes.. so is this the driftwood etc thing ? cheers

    ..anyone ever read these posts ?.. i like to stick my finger up my arse while whistling Danny boy on the bus home.. lets see... :O)

  • guess not lol

  • Use A-J letters at the bottom of ptool to load the settings, save the firmware and update your GH2 with it. You won't see any changes in the camera's menus or anything as it's all internal.

  • yes brudney i thought so thanks.. where do i get the settings ? it seems a bit random ? also what would you recommend for general use but with better video quality than stock ? i have a 64gb card at 95mbps cheers rob
    ps is 1080P @ 50FPS available ? like my old GH3 ( it was stolen )

  • @rob12770 At the time I did not have the fastest cards, I think mine were like 30 Mb/s and I needed reliability and spanning for shooting events. I found Sanity 5.1 (I think) with the PPA audio hack (built into Sanity 5.1 I think) worked great. I used an dummy battery to a larger external battery suppling 9.0 volts and I could turn it on & forget about it, getting 3 hour recording (until the card was full or the event ended).

    I tried Sanity X when it came out but it wouldn't span reliably on my cards.

    There is a topic on here about which hacks to use for which purposes.

    IQ vs. reliability & spanning is generally what the different flavors offer.

    You won't see many replies because most here have moved onto other cameras and the golden days of the GH2 are over, although most of us still have 1 or 2 in a drawer somewhere.

    Are you in a PAL country? I think in 1080 only 23.976 & 29.97 were available. I think 50 and 60 fps were only available in 720P on the GH2 hardware and the hack can't change that.

    Out-of-date, but a starting point:

  • I still love my gh2. This done last Friday. Mic was homemade b-format ambisonic recorded on Zoom h6 and decoded with new Rode ambisonic plugin (allows you to steer the mic after recording).

  • Hi CFreak yes i am in a PAL country, Scotland UK, yeah i know the GH2 is a little old but still a good performer and TBH i just like to mess about making little home movies and a bit of photography so i dont need anything fancy, I will, of course experiment with HBR etc etc and see what i prefer re: bitrate but you have given me some useful info many thanks pal.

    Mark_the_harp, you have demonstrated my point, although an older model, the GH2 will do nicely for my needs, and yes on the Ambisonic plugin, very interesting... BTW i dont know if that was you playing, im no harp expert but that sounded fantastic !

    many thanks guys..Rob :O)