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Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 aka Z300 and Z500 mirrorless rumors
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  • @IronFilm

    It is just one problem, Samsung was company who made sensor and LSI and progressed very fast.

    Nikon do not make sensors (despite recent PR piece by IR) and also lacks in LSI design (and can't make them). Only strong point are the mechanical parts that are much fewer in mirrorless cameras.

  • Reminds me very much of the Samsung NX1, I hope the specs are at least as good!

  • Expected UK prices

    • Z500 for £2,400
    • Z300 for £1,700
  • So, it is not announcement, it is stupid teaser

  • Announcement can be within one week only.

    Idea can be to steal attention from Canon.

  • The upcoming mirrorless full-frame camera is rumored to be the most expensive Nikon marketing campaign ever with bloggers meetups in exotic locations and maybe even some celebrities involvement.

    Exactly as I told.

    Top management want to replace camera progress with posh totty.

  • Expected prices

    • Nikon 45MP full frame mirrorless camera: €4,000 (around $4,670)
    • Nikon 24MP full frame mirrorless camera: €2,500 (around $2,900)
    • Cameras will have over 400 AF points. fast AF.
    • Tiltable LCD.
    • DSLR style second LCD screen on the top.
    • Single wheel on top.
    • 4K video, but quite weak, cameras won't be video focused.
    • 8K timelapse
    • Premium finish,
    • Larger grip compared to Sony.
    • No build in flash to further increase margin
    • Initial cameras names will be Z300 and Z500

    Overall - cameras will be made for and aimed for rich people who want to show their status.

  • Another update

    • Nikon will release two different mirrorless full frame cameras
    • One lower res sensor - 24-25MP and another 45-48MP
    • Small bodies ala Sony a7 cameras
    • 5-axis in-body stabilization
    • 9fps
    • 4k video
    • Memory cards: XQD and CF Express
    • EVF resolution: 3.6 million dots
    • Nikon is putting a lot of emphasis and effort into the shooting experience of the new mirrorless camera. The camera was designed with ergonomics in mind.
  • My wild guess it is their branding for their new mirrorless cameras? Bit like how they have used "Nikkor" (not to be mixed up with "Nokton" however!! Used by Voigtlander )

  • Nikon registered very strange brand - Noct (both or lenses and cameras).

  • Rumors update

    • There will be two cameras at launch
    • The first cameras will ship during the first half of 2019
    • The new mount name is NOT Z-mount
    • Will have new sensor optimized for autofocus speed. Megapixels will be less than the 46MP from the D850
    • The design is somewhere in between the modern Sony A7 and the more classic Fuji X cameras.
    • The viewfinder is in the middle just like the Sony A7 series.
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    Things seems to be bad.

    If you see top manager promising camera one year ahead it mean serious troubles.

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  • More rumors from Japanese

    • Development of the new mirrorless is advancing rapidly
    • Goal is to release the camera within the current fiscal year (which means til March 2019).
    • It will probably be shown at a large-scale overseas exhibition (I guess this means Photokina in September)

  • @Firworks the odds are very VERY high that Nikon will produce their own adapter to do that. They don't want to leave behind millions of lenses used by Nikon fans.

  • What are the odds that there'll be an adapter so I can use my old screw drive Nikkor AF glass with it? 0%? Negative %?

    Sounds interesting though. I would definitely consider a Nikon mirrorless as long as it had decent video chops. I shot Nikon before I went to M4/3.

  • Nikkei posted strange remark that Nikon will really release mirrorless FF camera.

  • Lenses for Nikon mirrorless camera/lenses are rumored to have TWO electric AF motors - each driving a separate group of lens elements. New "internal focusing" technology, where TWO groups of lens elements will be moved independently from each other.

    Btw, Panasonic uses same tech for quite long time in their camcorders.