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On Apple's unrepairable keyboard
    • March, 2015: Apple introduces butterfly keys in the 2015 MacBook
    • October, 2016: Apple introduces butterfly 2.0 in the Late 2016 MacBook Pro. We note in our teardown, “The keycaps are a little taller at the edges, making keys easier to find with your fingers. The switches have likewise gained some heft.”
    • Late 2017: Keyboard complaints begin to roll in
    • June 2018: Apple announces keyboard replacement program

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  • Learned how to make laptops from Microsoft Surface? :)

  • As long as general public still cares more about the logos on their products and fitting in with hip trends than the actual functioning quality, this will only become more and more common. Apple can basically sell poop in a bag and people will buy it because its got the the Apple logo and its what's fashionable. Funny how many people I meet that have Apple products and complain about issues regularly and constantly have to replace their iPhones or MacBook chargers, etc etc, (let alone how many dongle issues I hear about now due to lack of proper ports) but then when you suggest a PC or Android phone, their response is that they've "heard Windows gets lots of viruses and Android phones are too difficult." SMH.

  • @sam_rides_a_mtb


    Big part here also play press and reviewers. As most of them are far from technical knowledge, just follow the hype.

    Unfortunately in Windows notebooks world it is lot of similar trends, from cheaper keyboards to focus on looks by cutting useful features like ports and battery.

  • New Mac Pros keyboards

  • It is still same, just some materials changed

    No way you can make such mech to be comparable to proper butterfly keyboards.

    But it is still marketing guys who runt he show.