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Red Hydrogen One Holographic phone expensive toy
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  • Looks like something that came out of a Blade Runner movie :D

  • @Dark_Blue

    Actually such design is quite cheap to made.
    Problem is that most manufacturers are too afraid to experiment - as on this market now it can end up fast and bad.

  • Phone that you can see only from the ass side


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  • Release postponed again


    Now stated start shipping date for preorder is October 9. And November for few phones that they plan to sell online after reviews will start to come. main focus of RED is to be able to push until people realize that they buy almost 2 years old specced phone for them price that is double of current flagship phones (and is around 5x for same specced phone).

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  • image

    Nothing to show, nothing to talk about.

    Another smartphone that came and went into oblivion.

  • RED is controlling the Houdini release of the phone very careful and is essentially using it to widen the beta testing pool. “We reserve the right to brick the device if used for any purpose other than giving us constructive feedback,” Jannard has written. “If you are a vocal critic or reviewer, wait until after the launch.”

    It is much worse than even Apple. Little evil bastards.

  • Main purpose - making cat photos


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  • Things become better

    We will send all Ti pre-orders an aluminum HYDROGEN 1st when we begin shipping them. Additionally, when we finally do make Ti models correctly, we will send that to you at no charge. You are allowed to keep the aluminum as well.

    May be, sometimes.

    All RED cameras are made in California at our factory in Orange County. We have control over everything. Unfortunately, we are not in the same position with HYDROGEN. We are left to rely on the schedules and representations of our suppliers. In this case… we were let down pretty severely.

    It mean that they are made at the same Foxconn or such line along with normal phones (and use hardware from one year ago!), just RED want big premium.

  • This case is so much fun!!!!.

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    Stereo will be not really good with such distances between cameras.

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  • The review moratorium must be lifting...

    • The Hydrogen One’s “holographic” screen looks like a slightly better version of what you’d get on a new Nintendo 3DS.
    • If you send 3D images to people that don’t have 4View screens, they show up as traditional “flat” content.
    • Even with a huge 4,500 mAh battery, its battery life is 1.5 to 2 hours less than an iPhone XS Max or Galaxy Note 9.
    • It starts at $1,300, and that’s before you even consider the more expensive titanium model.
    • The phone was designed to be modular, but none of its add-ons are available yet.
    • The phone feels even bigger and heavier than it looks.
  • But even if you can ignore those problems, the Hydrogen’s One’s standard image quality doesn’t impress.

    Hydrogen One is a very beefy handset with dated internals, no water-resistance or wireless charging, a splashy screen that’s only a bit better than a Nintendo 3DS, and overall image quality that puts Red’s own name to shame.


    On screen


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  • May be it'll be all good, especially if it'll be lot of unsold stock and sometimes in 2019 you could finally get one for $199-$249. Especially if some nice camera module will be thrown for additional $99, all thanks to Red bankruptcy.

  • MKBHD definitely didn't love it. The 3d effect gives eye fatigue and looks pixelated, the screen brightness isn't very good, the speakers are pretty bad (despite the big bezels to hold them), and the cameras are mediocre off-the-shelf components despite being Red-branded.

  • Around back you've got two 12.3 megapixel sensors. Two things matter when it comes comes to light-gathering ability: pixel and aperture size. The Hydrogen's cameras have 1.55μm pixels, which is 0.15μm larger than what you'll find on the Galaxy S9 or the Pixel 2 at 1.40μm. However, the aperture, which is the size of hole that lets light in, is f1.8, which lets in less light than the f1.5 aperture you'll find on the S9.

    There's nothing particularly special about these sensors. They don't gather radically more light than other smartphones, they aren't ridiculously large like the 40MP monster on the P20 Pro or Mate 20 Pro, they're just normal cameras with sensors that I can only assume are from 2017, given the how late the device is. The Hydrogen's cameras also lack optical image stabilization (or OIS), which is a big deal.

    Aftermarket price on this can drop to around $300 early 2019.

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    I have a proposal.

    1000 first (same will be last!) people who purchase this crap will also get fee pack of condoms with RED patents printed on them.

    Sounds like nice idea, as patents will be finally in proper place.

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  • Wow! Spend $1295 on a phone that should cost closer to $600 and they'll throw in a free copy of a movie you can purchase for $20-30??? And even better, on a network that will probably last for another 2 years, at most? Sweeeeeeeet.

  • One of the biggest things that could have redeemed the RED Hydrogen One was the promise of additional modules that would attach to the back and offer expanded experiences for using the phone. The modules were originally promised for a release later in 2019, but the company seems to have quietly updated its website to strike all mention of the modules.

    Thing is totally dead.

    Expect RED to also slash cameras production except one-two models for rental till 2021. My source whom I spoke told that situation is not totally bad, but constantly worsening, month by month. This also explain all latest actions by RED, like removal of Cinema DNG and proper raw format from all BM cameras.

  • Thingy started shipped in most expensive titanium version.

    Expect 2-3 time price cut later this year, as all people I talked with said that it is total mess.

  • HYDROGEN has been the single most exciting project I have ever worked on. It has also proven to be the single most challenging program I have ever been a part of.

    While Oakley sunglasses and RED cameras were (and are) built in our own factories in Orange County, building a smartphone with challenging and new disruptive technologies at the RED factory just wasn’t possible given the competitive nature of the the market. We chose an ODM in China to prepare the HYDROGEN One for manufacture at Foxconn. While Foxconn has been fantastic, our ODM, which was responsible for the mechanical packaging of our design including new technologies along with all software integration with the Qualcomm processor, has significantly under-performed. Getting our ODM in China to finish the committed features and fix known issues on the HYDROGEN One has proven to be beyond challenging. Impossible actually. This has been irritating me to death and flooding our reactor.

    For this reason, after months of vetting a new design to manufacture house, we have begun the work on the HYDROGEN Two, virtually from scratch, at a new ODM that is clearly more capable of building and supporting the product we (and our customers) demand. We also have put into place a new internal execution team along with world class design-partners that we have carefully selected. The HYDROGEN Two is being methodically designed and crafted to surprise and exceed expectations… again, just as you would expect from us.

    Additionally, we eventually realized that the original camera module would have to change due to the fact our ODM was not going to competently complete the module that they committed and guaranteed to do. Our best option was to modify the program and bring it back into the RED house. We have completed the new and extraordinary sensor and redesigned the package. Jarred at RED will be posting about Komodo fairly soon. Its capability will vastly exceed the originally planned module. The HYDROGEN One and Two will integrate with this new camera. While it does not replace its big RED brothers, it will certainly be a complimentary camera for cinema grade images at the highest level at lower pricing.

    We fully understand the frustrations of our customers since I am one as well. While issues have been the result of our original ODM’s short comings, we also understand that customers solely look to us for their satisfaction. We remain committed to taking care of our customers the best way we can given all the circumstances. To that end, every HYDROGEN One owner will get significant preferential treatment for the HYDROGEN Two and/or new Cinema Camera model, both in delivery allocations and pricing.

    HYDROGEN is still the most exciting project I have ever worked on. We continue to be committed to further advancing the “image capture in your pocket” device as well as providing the highest quality image capture devices to more people than ever before.

    Nice marketing attempt to drive attention from scam to failure.

    Hope this time they will find some good Chinese engineers who will add their own innovative features (ouch, sorry, "Red exclusive and fully original Jim ideas"(tm) )

    We are not done…

    Sadly. First phone was complete nightmare. and if not some brainwashed fans it won't sell at even tiny amounts

  • Expect 2-3 time price cut later this year, as all people I talked with said that it is total mess.

    My prediction

    Price dropped to $645, as had been expected, next drop must happen around Black Friday (to $200-300)

    Phone is actually impossible to sell for more than $100-150 already, but some fans like the name.

  • People are asking $400 for open box new on eBay