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Nisi Allure Mist Filters
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    NiSi Announces Allure Mist Black/White Filters

    Allure Mist White – Highlights:

    • Reduces highlights and lowers contrast
    • Softens wrinkles and blemishes

    Allure Mist Black – Highlights:

    • Reduces overall flare and contrast
    • Produces mist effect

    To coincide with the exciting launch of F3 full-frame prime cine lenses, NiSi has also released Allure Mist White/Black and anamorphic filters; adding to their already burgeoning range of cinema filters.

    Available in sizes 4x5.65”, 6.6x6.6”, the new filters will further assist filmmakers to capture their intended artistic expression with every shoot.

    Preorders for individual filters available from May 7th 2018


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  • Glad to see a few more new mist filters hit the market, I own a couple of Tiffen Black Pro Mist myself.

  • @IronFilm

    Do you have any good samples?