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Proper CPU Cooler
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  • Looks nice. I had similar with direct touch heat pipes (best) before going to water cooling. Adding a second fan on the back side to the one above would be ideal if space allows. Easy enough with rubber bands even if the design doesn't have the second mounting bracket.

  • @mee vitaliy is making fun of the led lights.

  • @zcream

    It is just pink.

    As for leds, some popular coolers are no longer available without led lit fans.

    For example, this is Deepcool most popular cooler:



    557 x 475 - 61K
    535 x 472 - 61K
  • Gamestormers are deep cool's newer line or maybe new name, and though they have LED's they are in the corners with difusers. For the price point and serious airflow the gamestormers are now my goto fans. Though my case is a hodge podge of fans. Function before fashion. The second pic is the view from my seat, and those are game stormers lights. Not so bad.

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    1306 x 735 - 429K
  • @mee

    Yep, it is their new shit brand.

    Now instead of one of the best coolers (their old UF line):


    They sell you this:


    Only one I heard good feedback is TF line


    406 x 382 - 30K
    566 x 422 - 39K
    565 x 447 - 39K
  • Not sure which one is the TF line. Mine is the same as the red one though I have red white and blue (not a patriotic thing, just a play with colors thing). Personally I have had a much better experience with these than the old Deep Cool. I liked the old ones, but I had two get noisy bearings, and die within a year. I started running the gamerstorm's over a year ago, and they are as quite as the day I bought them and move allot of air. My all time favorite fanz are the original noiseblockers, but the gamerstorms are less than $10 a piece and move just as much air. Not as quite as NB's though. NB's have no LED's btw, and are damn sexy imho (original purple and black versions).

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  • @mee

    Under old one you mean UF? As all other had been crap.

    Yes, it is TF line. 3 colors.

  • I am not certain they were UF. They look very much like the blue and white UF pic you posted, but the body was more grey than white. Slightly flexible rubber. Again really liked them, till they started having issues. Maybe I got a bad batch. The TF are great though, and for the price, it's hard to go wrong.