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Alan Halfhill / PV Videos
  • I've watched several of the videos now featuring Alan and I've found them very helpful. Just wanted to thank Alan and the PV team for their efforts in producing these videos.

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  • Dieter and Alan rules

  • Everyone in PV teams rules. Do not forget Chris team at CES and Todd from Japan.

  • Agreed, well said.

  • I can attest that Alan is just about the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Met him at NAB this year and have nothing but good things to say. A real pro too!

  • Yes, Thanks for all your work guys.

  • But they all need more elegant clothes. Vitaliy, buy them, because the interviews are great.

  • But they all need more elegant clothes

    What kind?

  • Something comfortable but elegant at the same time. Not a suit jacket, but some kind of shirt. That dark green T-shirt with the PV logo does not look serious.

  • @Grimor

    Well, but they like it as far as I know. Did not liked polos idea. They look more strict.

  • Really enjoying Alan's interviews (and everyone else who contributes to PV), very well done.

  • Let me dissent a little. These interviews add no more information than are in the PR statements. Read those carefully, and you have as much knowledge as these videos provide. People do not like to read will clearly benefit from this video PR. But people who want to know more than that get nothing. There are no hard questions, just leading questions to let the PR spout. The interviewers are very nice; that will get them more interviews but it will not get us more info than is in the PR. This is true for all the web interviews I have seen - just more PR, like celebrities pushing their latest movies, we see shills pushing their latest technology. The interviewers nod, smile, and admire. And not much else. I am disappointed.

    You want examples? Ask the BM guy: given your past record of promises and delivery, why should we believe the planned availability now of the Pocket 4K? Are you going to be more careful about releasing a product without flaws than before? What "pocket' will this new camera fit in? Ask the Sony guy if the picture improvements in the FS5 are in the Slog2/3 Profiles and/or will be in the RAW stream? Ask him to be specific on what hardware was changed - just re-programming a chip? Why can't an existing FS5 get these improvements? Ask the Z guy what battery life is like for the various shooting modes. Ask the Z guy if the manual for the new camera will be more detailed than that of the E1. Ask him if the initial price of the E2 will follow the same path as the initial price of the E1, and if not, why not. Ask the Atomos CEO why the new Ninja does not have an SDI input? And so on. These are the questions we raise in this forum, so having one of us on site can be very helpful to get clarification. Lost opportunity.

  • @markr041

    Well, I did not expected such level from you.
    As you completely misunderstand how things work, and instead replace them by some imaginary things.

    All questions samples you provided are not really meant to get answer, but to show how cool you are, how "smart".

    People on exhibitions are not small farmer on your local market, all of them represent large or very large companies. And have certain knowledge and certain bounds on that they can say (even if they know answers).

    It is actually few places and occasions where you can ask deep questions. It is CP++ where Japanese bosses and engineers are present. And it is pre arranged private interviews with top guys. I mean besides private things.

  • I was not describing "how things work" I was asking for them to work better, and to open up people's eyes to what is going on - collaboration with manufacturers. You don't want to push those boundaries, fine. But let's be clear about what these interviews really are. And, no, my questions are not to show how smart I am, they are exactly the questions everyone is asking in all forums, as you well know. Maybe if more hard questions were asked, the PR guys would be better prepared to answer them. Now they expect collaboration.. The people interviewed are mostly hacks. The big exception is the Atomos CEO, who I admire for getting out there. Who puts bounds on what he can say? I guess you did.

  • @markr041

    If you think that it is people who made lot of interviews are idiots who did not think about it and you are smart - you also need to think about opposite alternative.

    People and especially big number of people (aka companies) are much more complex than the nail. Yet you are running round with hammer and shouting why we are not using it everywhere.

  • What is with this "smart" stuff? or idiots? I do not see that you have answered coherently why your interviewers do not ask the questions people in this forum keep asking. You admit the interviewees know more at least in some cases than they are saying, and you are happy that they do not tell us? You are happy not to reveal that they are deliberately avoiding the full truth? Why is that? So what if companies are complex, that does not excuse not asking questions that would clarify what they are claiming. I do want to make it clear, all the show interviews on all sites exhibit this same behavior, it is not just here.

    I am surprised you do not yourself criticize how allegedly independent sites are captured by the manufacturers as one manifestation of capitalism. The videos are exhibit A of that.

    One of the enjoyable aspects of this site are the insightful knocks on capitalism. Well, this is an example.

  • I am surprised you do not yourself criticize how allegedly independent sites are captured by the manufacturers as one manifestation of capitalism. The videos are exhibit A of that.

    Capitalism can be removed only certain way. Not by asking questions that you proposed here.

    Instead of whining here you better support our teams or help in any other way.