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Xiaomi can buy GoPro
  • GoPro could conceivably fetch $1 billion, based on the price that Hewlett Packard paid for Palm—another struggling electronics maker—in 2010. A sale might happen. CEO Nick Woodman has said publicly that he is open to a deal. Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi has weighed whether to make an offer but doesn’t want to overpay, according to a person familiar with the matter.

    GoPro Inc. jumped as much as 8.8 percent after a report said Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi Corp. has weighed whether to make an offer for the action-camera maker.

    Can be quite real, as Yi suddenly become not too big priority for Xiaomi few months ago, as it seems.

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  • I was thinking DJI might try to buy them but 1 Billion is probably a bit high for them.

  • Wait a year until they're worth half that then buy them!