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Vegas Pro 14 + lot of MAGIX software for $20
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  • Got this bundle last time it was out mainly because Vegas was my first editor and was interested in giving it another go (left at Vegas 11 because it was a crash-fest). Unfortunately, for me, Vegas 14 was a crash fest. Installed it, used it for three hours and had a crash every almost every time I looked away (just a few minutes of me thinking or checking some tutorial and it had crashed). A pity, because the little I did, I really felt back "home".

  • @arum

    I suggest to check their forum. For common things they have set of solutions.

  • I got the bundle last time, though I only installed Vegas. It is their cheapest edition (Edit I think) but for me it has worked very well and I consider it a bargain.

  • Besides Vegas is there anything here that's useful?

  • Besides Vegas is there anything here that's useful?

    Xara is amazing software. And as they include both Web designer (can make really good media sites after short time) and also Photo&graphics - it is all you really need.

    Cleaning lab is simple thing, but can be useful if issues not too complex.

  • I'm not a post guy, and as such I find Vegas perfect for all my little editing needs, I used Vegas again just a few days ago. Or very occasionally I might dip into HitFilm Pro.