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NAB 2018: Post your questions
  • Please use such format, we make sure to ask your question at NAB.

    Company: Canon
    Question: How long we must wait for good mirrorless camera with proper 4K?

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  • Black Magic: Question: When will you release the successor to the BMPCC?

  • @pureaxis

    Not such questions.

    Companies will never tell you any answer about their plans, just wasted time.

  • Company: Panasonic

    Why does the 24hz setting of the GH5(s) allow 48fps in the VFR mode, but not during regular recording?

    Is this something that can be added in a firmware update?

  • Company: Sony

    Can DCI Cinema 4k and true 24fps be added to Sony cameras via firmware updates?

  • Company: Panasonic

    Since Panasonic GH line allows us to export footage to external devices would it be possible to create a YAGH type recording device for high bit rate and high frame rate video capture?

  • @Mckinise

    Can you make some simpler question?

    On exhibition representative will not answer this, until he is Japanese manager or engineer (almost never happens). Such questions suits CP++ and pre arranged long interview.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I simplified them. I don't know if these are questions they would actually answer, but they are features that could be mentioned to higher ups. I know Sean Robinson has talked about 48fps a couple times.

  • Company: Panasonic

    Request that they add RAW recording to the GH5, even if it's only in a crop mode. Tell them to make it a paid upgrade. I know this has been asked before, but ask them again. Maybe they'll finally get the message.

  • @Ralph_B

    It is wrong place and wrong people to ask.

    Plus no one will be doing it anyways.


    Useful floor map of NAB for those who are going. Sony has the biggest space! Followed by Canon, then Vitec Group.

    A question I'd like to have asked of the Zoom reps is their thoughts about implementing a firmware update for the Zoom F4/F8 to apply the headphone output features (such as the start/stop beeps, and the PFL buttons being applied) to also the main/sub outs as well. This would be very useful as a work around to deal with the biggest complaint of the F4/F8: their poor headphone pre amp (I go into a bit more detail here in my blog post: ).

    A second question is if Zoom could do a firmware update for the Zoom F8 for 2nd order ambisonic microphones (such as OctoMic), or for doing A Format (of 1st order of course) with an independent safety track level as well in A format. They're already pretty close to this, as they've already got a bunch of ambisonic options in their recent firmware update, but not these fairly obvious other options which should prove to be popular with ambisonic recordists.

    Third request: could we get a firmware update for the Zoom F4/F8 that will mute outputs (option for selecting main and/or subs) unless if in recording mode? Would be very handy to mute the chitter chatter on the lavs/boom that gets broadcast out to all IFBs, unless currently rolling. (obviously you wouldn't want to apply this to the same outputs you might be using for your headphone monitoring...)

  • @IronFilm

    Long, precise and too technical questions always get no answers.

    Same goes for long future plans.

    You can ask them at CP++ with top management (but also with little use), but not at NAB usually.

  • @pureaxis your question answered

    1536 x 2048 - 255K
  • Company : Pansonic

    If there's a Pansonic Rep, could you ask them to pass on the demand for the GH5 focus transition feature to be accessible from the Pansonic Image App? Tell them they can use it to push sales of GH5/5s as a gimbal friendly camera.

  • That's a pretty good idea Bernie.

  • @Bernie

    I can write to Japanese management, but it is not for NAB.

  • I'd suggest that Vitaliy asks all question as most of the other guys do it in the wrong way. SCNR :-D

  • LOL.

    My remarks are all same - it is pointless to tell GH cameras improvements information to sales representative at NAB.

  • Cheers @Vitaliy_Kiselev , that would be a good idea

  • Company: Sony

    Is the sensor in the new FS5 II the same as in the original FS5?

  • 2nd that Ralph and would like to add: Sony: If the sensor is new, what's different? If not, is the change only to the standard picture profile and the others remain the same (i.e. s-log, HLG, Cone ei)?

    Convergent design: Are there plans to support prores raw with the odessey 7q+. If yes, when might we see the update.

    Thanks for the coverage PV!

  • Company: FalconEyes No specific questions, but I am interested in what they are featuring this year as I like this company. Hopefully you can get an interview with them? A colleague bought some of their Edge lights in 2017 and we were both really impressed by them and price was great. I know it's easy to get a catalogue but what I saw at their booth last year was much better and the catalogue didn't do it justice. Thanks!

  • @tfinn

    Most probably we'll do them at CineGear or BIRTV.

  • Fantastic, thank you!