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Panasonic EVA1, like in WALL-E, S35 Camera
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    648 x 688 - 60K
  • the guy and the orang-utans have the same skin/fur tone...

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  • Loving this camera! Finally upgraded from our AF101's :) LCD is f**king useless until you get a Z-Finder but otherwise really happy with it

  • Yeah--that LCD, what were they thinking? It's like a hubcap.

  • I'm not sure if they had to use the reflective surface for the touch screen? Shoulda scrapped the whole idea, the touchscreen is redundant as well due to poor implementation/screen size, I use the dials to access/input all menu functions anyway. Touch input is totally unnecessary, I'd be surprised if many owners actually use it.

  • Panasonic has announced the immediately available of a free firmware 1.12 upgrade for the new AU-EVA1 5.7K handheld cinema camera that expands lens compatibility for a number of popular Sigma ART lenses. The firmware 1.12 is available for download here,

    Additional Sigma ART lenses supported include:

    • 12-24 F4 DG HSM
    • 24-70 F2.8 DG OS HSM
    • 14mm F1.8 DG HSM
    • 30mm F1.4 DC HSM
    • 85mm F1.4 DG HSM
    • 135MM F1.8 DG HSM

    Along with the addition of these six lenses, a lens interface issue that caused the iris or zoom readout to display incorrectly has been resolved. The EVA1 utilizes an EF lens mount with electronic communication for iris, focus, zoom, image stabilization and other functions. There are many lenses from multiple manufacturers supported by the EVA1. For a detailed list, please check the Panasonic EVA1 Lens Compatibility Chart (

  • In quite strange move Panasonic announced V2.0 firmware for EVA1 that comes in March only

    Most probably some hot competing camera coming in this time frame.

    Panasonic has announced a free firmware upgrade for the AU-EVA1 cinema camera that greatly enhances the camera’s recording capabilities, including ALL-Intra frame recording formats, RAW output, timelapse recording, HD 4:2:2 interlaced formats, and more.

    Released in late 2017, the EF-mount AU-EVA1 is a 5.7K cinema camera containing a Super-35mm sensor that features 14-stops of dynamic range, Dual Native ISO ratings of 800 and 2500, and the same colorimetry as the renowned VariCam camera system. Due to its small size and weight, the EVA1 is ideal for gimbal and drone work, as well as handheld shooting.

    The free Firmware upgrade (Ver. 2.00) will be available at the end of March.

    “When the EVA1 was announced last summer, we promised a major expansion in its functionality in early 2018,” said Mitch Gross, Cinema Product Manager, Panasonic Media Entertainment Company. “EVA1 Version 2.0 fulfills that promise with features like RAW output and All-Intra recording as well as with such unannounced, user-requested features as a 2K at 240fps RAW output and additional interlaced HD recording formats.”

    Ver. 2.00 allows uncompressed RAW output via 6G SDI. Formats include 5.7K at 1fps to 30fps, 4K at 1fps to 60fps, and 2K at 1fps to 240fps.

    A key feature of Ver 2.00 is ALL-Intraframe (ALL-I) recordings offering 10-bit 4:2:2 at 400Mbps. Intraframe recordings require less processing, enabling real-time editing on more cost-effective high-performance computers.

    • Raw data output options
      • 5.7K- Super35 size, 1-30fps
      • 4K- m43 size, 1-60fps
      • 2K- m43 size, 1-240fps
    • Intraframe modes
      • 4K- 400Mbps 10bit 422
      • UHD- 400Mbps 10bit 422
      • 2K/FHD- 422 200bps 10bit
      • 2K- 100Mbps 10bit 422
      • FHD- 100Mbps 10bitT 422
    • Interlaced modes for TV guys
      • 1080i - ALL-I 100Mbps 10-bit 422 59.94I/50I
      • 1080i - IBC 50MMbps 10-bit 422 59.94I/50I
    • Timelapse recording with remote support
    • Support for 3rd party remote controllers
      • Control of focus, iris, recording start, etc
      • Could control Canon cine servo zooms
    • m43 mix 2.2K mode image quality improvement
    • Improving in interface and functions parts
      • Partial image cloning from LCD to HDMI
      • Additional controls for home screen
      • Improvement for waveform quality
      • Improved video file playback
  • @Vitaliy: "Most probably some hot competing camera coming in this time frame."

    Either that (FS5 II?) or Canon are going to release some 10-bit codecs for the C200 in the forthcoming update, despite what has been said in the past.

  • A number of UK retailers (incl. Proav and CVP) are now offering £450 off the price with the input of a code

  • Everytime I view a proper, side-by-side comparison involving Canon cameras, I notice a lack of detail/softness. I see the same thing here.

  • Night Time test with EVA I did a couple of weeks back, 1080/100fps

  • Daytime test of 200fps 1080 function