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Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6
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    Lightroom Classic CC v7.2 | February 2018

    This release of Lightroom Classic CC rolls out new features and performance enhancements, support for new cameras and lenses, and bug fixes.

    Experience faster performance with CPU and memory optimizations

    Experience faster Lightroom Classic performance on machines with 12 GB of RAM or more, when you import and export photos, move between photos in Loupe view, or create HDR images and panoramas. 

    Create collections from folders

    In the Folders panel of the Library module, a new option has been introduced to quickly create collections from folders. If a folder contains subfolders, you can also choose to create a collection set that has the same hierarchy as that of the top folder. 

    To access the new option:

    • Select one or more folders in the Folders panel.
    • Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (macOS) and choose any of the available options from the context-menu:
    • Create Collection "[Folder Name]" or Create Collection Set "[Folder Name]", if you've selected a single folder.
    • Create Collections From Selected Folders or Create Collection Sets From Selected Folders, if you've selected multiple folders.
    • For detailed information, see Create collections or collection sets from folders.

    Create collection from a photo pin in the Map module

    In the Map module, you can now easily add a group of photos at the same location on the map to a collection. To do so, simply right-click any photo pin or group of pins on the map and choose Create Collection from the context-menu.

    Filter photos based on edit status

    A new filter has been added in the Library Filter bar and the Filmstrip to filter images based on their edited or unedited status. You can access this new filter option from any of the locations mentioned below.

    • Attribute options in the Library Filter bar
    • Use the new edit status icons under Attribute options in the Library Filter bar.
    • Metadata options in the Library Filter bar
    • Use the new Edit category under Metadata options in the Library Filter bar.
    • Filmstrip
    • Use the new edit status icons in the Library Filter bar.

    Folder search

    In the Folders panel of the Library module, you can now use the search field to find folders based on the entered text.

    Mark and filter favorite folders

    New in this release of Lightroom Classic CC 

    In the Folders panel of Library module, you can now mark folders as favorite. You also have the option to filter favorite folders within the Folders panel.

    To do so:

    • Select one or more folders.\
    • Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (macOS) and choose Mark Favorite (if you've selected a single folder) or Mark Favorites (if you've selected multiple folders) from the context-menu. A star icon appears over the folder that you've marked as favorite.

    To filter the folders marked as favorite:

    • In the search bar of at the top of the Folders panel, click the () icon.
    • Choose Favorite Folders from the drop-down list.

    Create smart collections based on a new rule - 'Has Edits'

    In the Create Smart Collection dialog, a new rule 'Has Edits' has been added to the Develop category. A smart collection created based on the new rule 'Has Edits' 'Is True' includes images that have adjustments applied and also the images that only have a crop (and no other adjustments) applied.


    The existing rule 'Has Adjustments' includes images that have adjustments applied, but excludes those images that only have a crop (and no other adjustments) applied. If you want to include cropped images in the smart collection, then choose 'Has Edits' in the rule instead.

    Fixed customer issues

    • Info overlay disappears when moving between modules * Watermark omitted from embedded thumbnails of exported JPEGs * Palette Gear not working in Dutch, French, Italian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish
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  • If anybody's using the mac version of the incredibly useful and FREE JpegOptimizer plugin for Lightroom (reference here ) you may have noticed that has been broken for some time. As far as I understood it has something to do with dynamic linking and the updating of used libraries (imagemagic, exiv2, etc.). As LR's downscaling algo is solid (every bit as good as the best: ImageMagick's lanczos {convert} and Sverlov's free C3C {photoshop only}) this allows for 1 click ultralight export for web: downscale > strip metadata > recompress.

    Ugly solution till a coder does better is to manually overwrite libs inside the plugin wrapper with their newer versions when they're updated... it literally takes 1 minute and it might last months. Case someone too lazy even for that here's my personal version (mac only).


    BTW @Vitaliy I heard the PV's snow flakes froze the niagara :P

    Small Fry is by my tests the overall "best" suited algo. I personally use the lowest setting unless there are gradients... which is really fucked up to compress and needs a propper new pink suit and license to ill (BB fans). This reduces the image A LOT, often x10. A regular Mozpeg's script running with parallel is what I use for everything else not in LR catalog or humongous batching. The only thing that can make smaller files - talking JPEG here - (by little) is tinypanda's plugin for PS, and though that's paid, there's an online free version >>

  • Lightroom 6.14 is the last perpetual, standalone version of Lightroom.

    While you may continue to purchase and use Lightroom 6 with a perpetual license, Adobe will no longer provide updates to the software. Consider upgrading to the Creative Cloud Photography plan to get the latest updates in Lightroom Classic CC and the all-new Lightroom CC, and ensure that the software works with raw files from the newest cameras.

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  • “Anybody using Lightroom 6 standalone version beware if the Adobe Download manager indicated that you have updates,” one photographer wrote on the Photographic Society of New Zealand Facebook page. “I ran the update last night and the update decided to uninstall my Lightroom 6 and install Lightroom CC.

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  • It is now Lightroom CC and CC Classic


    "Cloud-based" is the primary focus of Lightroom CC and the software has been built from the ground up to be accessible and to handle editing, organizing, storing and sharing photos from any connected device.

    Read - software was build from ground up to maximize profits.

    Lightroom 6 is the last stand-alone version of Lightroom that can be purchased outside of a Creative Cloud membership. There will not be a Lightroom 7 perpetual offering. Lightroom 6 will remain for sale for an undetermined amount of time, but will no longer be updated with camera support or bug fixes after the end of 2017. Lightroom 6.13 with support for the Nikon D850 will be released on October 26th, 2017.

    Want more and more money.

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