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Panasonic GH5S GH5 S, 4K Video Edition
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  • From 43rumors: "TC in/out"

    HELL YEAH!!!

    This is big BIG NEWS!!

    Hasn't been a feature for Panasonic MFT stills cameras ever before, with the one exception of the GH4 YAGH.

  • Also, there are some schools of thought that the frame-frame deltas are smaller at higher bitrate so a good codec can get by with less bandwidth.

    For 60fps increase of necessary bitrate is really small, especially for static camera or smoothly moved. Plus if you don't want to make heavy grading :-) Actually 60fps makes encoder work simpler, as changes are smaller and easy to track.

  • 4kp30 looks great on the GH5 in 150 megabit h.264. If the new camera records with h.265, that would allow for better quality at 4kp60. Also, there are some schools of thought that the frame-frame deltas are smaller at higher bitrate so a good codec can get by with less bandwidth.

  • Wont 4k/60 @ 10/422 look fairly poor @ 150Mbps? Does that type of data require something in the 300-400 Mbps range?

  • So bottom line: 10-bit 4K/60, 240fpsHD, low light monster

    What do photo features even matter with 10mp, this is not for hybrid shooters

  • More stuff

    • C4K at 60p, 150Mbps, 4:2:2 10 bit Long GOP
    • 1080 at 240fps
    • 10Mp sensor with up to 100.000 ISO
  • possible specs from 43rumors

    • 10,28 m43 sensor
    • 12 fps serial shooting ISO: 160-51,200
    • 1/8,000 shutter from G9
    • 1/16,000 electronic shutter
    • 1/250 flash sync
    • 1,62mdots LCD touchscreen
    • Same old 3,68mdots OLED EVF
    • 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2
    • Panasonic DMW-BLF19PP (GH5 one)
    • Two memory card slots
    • 4K photos
    • HDMI Type A and USB 3.1 connectors
    • 138,5×98.1×87.4mm
    • Dust-proof and splash-proof body
    • $2499 price
  • Da one started the fire burned all big ass is a fan of fujifilm camera -;)

  • */% uck fuji film.

  • @cindy6 lol well as always it has more to do with the cinematographer and I have seen total crap and things of beauty from all the major players. I've even seen total inexplicable crap come out of Alexas so I would do a lot of looking before making any harsh judgements. That being said it is more than color science and it depends on the individuals need. Not all of us need everything the GH5 or future variants have to offer in video. Some want things Panasonic seems incapable of delivering. One of the things I like about the potential Fujifilm camera is it's larger sensor in partnership with it's reasonably priced and well regarded primes. The m4/3 sensor size makes one want to gravitate to very expensive wide aperture primes that are hard on the budget. Don't get me wrong I have owned Panasonic cameras since the GH2 and think they have done wonders thanks to a fire put under there ass by personal-view starting with the GH1. That fire of innovation is burning brightly and others like Fujifilm want to join the party Panasonic should take the competition very seriously.

  • @Scot Much has been said about the famed fuji color science. so I've finally decided to check out XT2. Surprised! I found the 4k footage of Olympus EM1ii more pleasing to my eyes. So if you don't care that much about video, may be should check out that one as well.

  • Official presentation now rumored to be delayed until CES in Vegas.

  • @cindy6 I think Panasonic should still worry the Fujifilm camera maybe just what I'm looking for. Panasonic's fragmentation of there offerings is annoying to me as well as costs. I want one camera that does Photos and Video well not 3 and the XH1 maybe the best hybrid camera for me in 2018.

  • @cindy6

    It was very unusual for Panasonic.

    I mean all this media thing.

    As far as I know things are bad. Especially in US and EU.
    Most GH5 sales are done by gray market and during big discounts days.
    Some models barely survive.

  • The newest rumour w/ this GH5s is that it will not be announced until Jan., per 43rumors. This gives more weight to the theory that the whole thing is concocted as a preemptive strike on Fuji. Pany was so scared that they were willing to canniblise GH5 sales right b4 christmas. With the Fuji specs revealed to be lackluster in video, there is no hurry for GH5s either.

  • I must say that the GH5S rumors stoped as soon as they started. So suspect a planbed early teaser leak from Panasonic.

  • @theconformist What Sony needs is to stop ignoring their massive APS-C market and make some lenses that normal people can actually afford. They have the excellent a6500, but only 3 or 4 decent lenses that normal people can afford to use with it. It makes no sense.

  • Sony needs to drop a7sIII asap

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev You might be right about fear of Fujifilm motivating Panasonic. I never paid to much attention to Fujifilm but after looking closer at them and the rumors on the new video orientated model of the XT2 coming Panasonic may have something to fear. Panasonic will probably remain better in video but for my needs a Hybrid that will do photos and video well the Fuji maybe a better choice going forward. I like a lot of what they are doing and offer.

  • @Scot

    Fragmentation is basic trick used by big firms and tough on marketing classes. And they look at Sony and want to repeat it all.

    This is camera market

    Manager can't risk with original decision, too much piranhas around, so they try to copy something that works.

  • I personally hate all this fragmentation of the GH series and I don't think it will serve them well. Maybe there base customer has more money than I. They need to ditch the GH5 as is. Than Meld the GH5 into the G9 to make one camera that can do it all fairly well GH6! After all most of the differences are firmware between them. The actual hardware differences would probably be welcomed by GH5 users. If they absolutely have to they can have a paid video firmware update to turn on advanced video features. Than I would embrace the new GH5 VE what ever they want to call it that loses resolution for ultimate video quality which of course could also be fitted in the new lets call GH6 body. I think more and more photographers are doing video and stills and are looking for one camera that is functional in both that they can buy the 2 bodies (backup) for pro work not 6 or even 4.

  • As I said, all is too uncommon for Panasonic and for me look as thing to scare Fujifilm making quick mod for GH5.

    As actually you can make some amount of prototypes very fast in 1-2 months. After this can just use common approach with delays.

  • Would be great to see built in ND filters if possible.

  • DPoa50kXkAAhiJe.jpg
    800 x 531 - 65K
    540 x 304 - 12K
  • I'm just waiting for someone to glue an "s" onto their GH5 and make a click-bait YouTube... Better be quick- only 14 days!