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Panasonic can announce AF300 4K camera
  • In December Panasonic can introduce followup to their AF line. Or it can be next camera in DVX line.


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  • There's no reason to launch an AF line new camera, few weeks after the new EVA1 has been launched. I guess both cameras would be share the same or similar market niche.

  • @paglez

    They won't. EVA 1 is premium APS-C camera using different mount.

  • Then it would be a sort of gh5 'core' in a camcorder form factor

  • @paglez

    Yes, it is whole point. Contrary to EVA it was secret development with minimum exposition.

  • So... an LS300 killer, eh? We shall see what develops...

  • I think that there is a midpoint between GH5/G9 and EVA1 to fit the AF300:

    1-micro four thirds sensor with stabilization

    2-micro four thirds mount

    3-less megapixels to improve low light performance (something between 9 and 12 megapixels) 1,9:1 or 16:9 ratio, video oriented

    4-dual native iso

    5-14 fstops dynamic range

    6-built in xlr audio inputs with good preamps

    7-built in ND filters

    8-price between GH5 and EVA1

    This way people do not need to wait for GH6 or G10 to get these improvements, a good market strategy for Panasonic. All camera options available and people choose how much to pay.

  • More rumours. Let's just wait and see.

  • after I've finally pulled the trigger on ls300:(

  • @cindy6

    You did the right thing.

    Panasonic larger cameras are like one night girls, hot looking, but nothing more.

    LS300 is like someone you can talk with for months and who even know how to cook.

  • Panasonic will announce “something big”. The new info I got is that there is an event on December 15. So we should expect tos see this new product around that day (+/- 1 day depending on your time zone).


  • If an AF100 successor happens on this date then I'd predict GH5 internals, zero improvements in that area.

    But has built in ND filters and XLR inputs, plus of course with a MFT mount.

    Price? $3K hopefully. (Dropping to $2.5K fairly soon ish? Like the GH5 which is $1.5K now for Black Friday)

  • Af300

    Same LSI as gh5 and Eva1, so profit can have big margin. Same sensor as Gh5, with stabilisation. M4/3 mount so same lenses for 4/3 lineup is used.

    It will be a hvx200 without the fixed zoom. But better LSI.

    So from all cost perspective it is covered for the final user.

    Gh5 $2k

    Af300 $4.5k / 5.5k

    Eva1 $7.5k

    (Empty 14k space)

    VaricamLt 25k

  • I asume it will become popular tool for students and will become gh5 natural upgrade path for those Panasonic gh fan base boys that are on the verge of making the next step.

  • Panasonic will announce the new GH5s around December 15. It’s a low light trimmed version of the GH5. Which means it has less megapixels and it costs more than the GH5!

    This one is weird.

  • Its actually the only way to have better low light on m4/3. Noise reduction and I asume better lithographic process on less megapixel should do it for iso 6400 good image and 12800 usable image. Maybe it's 8mpx video only machine. 4k full readout less noise on all aspects. If oriented we'll this could sell like hotcakes since gh5 is very popular now, but as all gh series lowlight was always its bad call.

  • A7r A7s

    Gh5 Gh5s

  • @Vitaliy ""Panasonic will announce the new GH5s around December 15. It’s a low light trimmed version of the GH5. Which means it has less megapixels and it costs more than the GH5!"" Trousted source?