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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 3
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  • On the dune with 12-40 olly and 8mm fish eye C mount, happy about the images

  • It seems like last batches are present in retail now, some are already out of last stock.

  • Hello. if anything is known about the hack GH3? sorry for my English .

  • is there any hope for hack?

  • Software hacks - highly doubt it. Hardware hacks - yes - I had the IR-cut filter (hot mirror) removed from one of my GH3s and replaced with clear optical glass. Very handy camera body to keep in kit for shooting in zero-light environments (with aid of IR illuminator), as well as for more stylized shooting when you do have sufficient light. Want other improvements? then buy GH4 or GH5.

    For 1080 up to 60p, GH3 is still very capable and produces nice and sharp images with minimal rolling shutter - not to mention how robust the body is and has incredible battery life and unlimited record times. When GH4 came out 3 years ago, I considered selling my GH3s - though didn't and am sure glad I hung on to them, as aside from needing to do a little post CC work, they can cut in nicely with GH4s and C300s from my experience.

    Even though there is a major shift towards 4k (especially for acquisition), broadcast standards are relatively slow to evolve - a nice clean and sharp 1080 (50Mb/s+) image can still get you pretty far for now. Can't say the same about softer 1080 images from cameras like 5DII and III, which resolve what looks closer to 720. Though at the end of the day, have a killer story, you can probably get by just fine with 720 or even SD when you look at docu-series like "Making of a Murderer" on Netflix which was mostly, if not entirely, shot in SD (480).

  • skateboarding raw clip shot with the GH3 & Lumix lenses. Like if you like it please!!!

  • How valid is the GH3 in 2018? I got a hacked GH2 with an electronically busted HDMI connector and few lenses to go along with it. I am happy with the IQ of GH2 but as I'm shifting 100% towards live streaming - I can't live without the HDMI output. Looking for the cheapest option to move along without investing too much in old tech. GH3's go for 300€ and GH4's for 700€ (used at a local dealer with warranty). As I won't need 4K ever, is there anything justifying the price difference for streaming purposes? Is that too much for a used GH3?

  • @Unsub

    As far as I understand for streaming it is good selection of cameras, as you don't need to start recording for it.

  • Is the GH3 ptool hack still a work in progress? (or no new hacks coming any more?)

    The GH3 is getting very affordable now, and they still have the highest "Sports (low light)" score of any Panasonic body on DxOMark

    Just wondered because one thing I like to do is record concerts, so I need to be able to remove the 30 min recording limit via ptool.

    Otherwise I stick with my hacked G3

  • Interesting about the streaming capability. Do G6 or G7 have this ability? G7's are dropping below $300 here, and G6's are under $200 GH3 is usually around $300 as well, but for me 4k trumps live streaming... though it is interesting.