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Samsung: Story of Idiots
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  • And...

    Samsung Electronics Co. cut its preliminary third-quarter earnings guidance figures on Wednesday, a day after announcing that it would permanently discontinue its troubled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

    In a reflection of the widening financial impact of its product safety crisis, the South Korean technology giant lowered its operating profit estimate for the three months ended Sept. 30 to 5.2 trillion Korean won ($4.6 billion) from an original estimate of 7.8 trillion won.

  • “Samsung, which has launched the performance assessment of its executives from this month, plans to cut up to 20 percent of the entire executive strength.”

    This is around 200 managers, more than entire Samsung NX team.

  • And financial results

    Samsung Electronics today announced financial results for the third quarter ended Sept. 30, 2016. Samsung’s revenue for the quarter was KRW 47.82 trillion, a decrease of KRW 3.87 trillion YOY, while operating profit for the quarter was KRW 5.20 trillion, a decrease of KRW 2.19 trillion YOY.

  • Samsung management


    No, they are not sorry for killing NX, they are just asking big boss not to fire em.

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  • And they also spend big money to buy full page ads


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  • Samsung bough Harman

    At least we know how well this guys spend money saved on closing NX department. Money went to this and most of developers worked on.. Note 7. Effective investments.

  • Going back to TV.

    Samsung is in talks with LG to get their TV panels, most probably OLED ones.

  • Samsung will be split into Samsung Electronics, Samsung C&T and Samsung Life and won't be longer mentioned as Samsung Group.

  • They had changed their mind considering split

    Following the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and under pressure from activist shareholders to improve corporate governance, Samsung Electronics said last year that it was considering splitting the company in two.

    Speaking during the company's annual general meeting on Friday in Seoul, Kwon Oh-Hyun, board chairman of Samsung Electronics said the firm had reviewed legal and tax issues around proposed division into a holding company and an operating unit, and identified "some negative effects".

    Various Samsung units have cross-shareholdings in other parts of the group, a structure that enables the Lee family to control the business empire.

    A promised new governance committee will still be set up by the end of April, Kwon said.

  • On Samsung Tizen

    "It may be the worst code I've ever seen," he told Motherboard in advance of a talk about his research that he is scheduled to deliver at Kaspersky Lab's Security Analyst Summit on the island of St. Maarten on Monday. "Everything you can do wrong there, they do it. You can see that nobody with any understanding of security looked at this code or wrote it. It's like taking an undergraduate and letting him program your software."

  • Very very late thing

    “We no longer produce and sell digital cameras,” said a Samsung official on condition of anonymity. “But we will create a new camera product category to continue the business.”

    The new category may include cameras for smartphones and other mobile devices and the Gear 360 camera that captures high-resolution images and videos in 360-degrees.

  • And now all on its place

    Tech giant Samsung Electronics said on April 13 that it has hired former US Department of Defense Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen as executive vice president for its mobile business.

  • After recent firmware update Samsung forums members note that their UE50MU6100K, UE49MU7070 and MU6409 models either won't change the channel, or, worse, won't display anything after the splash screen upon powering on.

    Fixing will require visit to service center, Samsung said :-)

  • Samsung will have to operate without its acting leader for a few years.

    South Korean court found Lee Jae-yong guilty of bribery and embezzlement.
    The executive has been sentenced to five years in prison

  • Man it's a shame. I was looking forward to seeing what an NX2 might have been. Such a waste of technology.

  • Samsung will stop producing 20-32" TVs due to too low margins.

    Main focus will move to 60"+ 4K premium TVs where they can frequently keep more 100-200% margins still.

    But thanks for this margins in $2500+ premium TVs niche they aim they have utter disaster. In one year Samsung sales dropped from 54,7% to 23,4% of niche size, and in last 4 months it dropped further to 17%.

    Say thanks to idiotic SUHD idea and huge margins.

  • Real mindless corporate monster.

  • "But thanks for this margins in $2500+ premium TVs niche they aim they have utter disaster. In one year Samsung sales dropped from 54,7% to 23,4% of niche size, and in last 4 months it dropped further to 17%."

    The marketing term of QLED is misleading designed to trick people looking for OLEDs that forgot their reading glasses, and pricing of such Tv's at the same prices as OLED Tv's will back fire.

  • @paulhouston

    It is their standard practice.

    Actually such approach got them lot of money last years :-)

  • Samsung to invest big amount of money into making new London demo venue for rich out of rented space



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  • New product of management genius after heavy drug use

    Samsung wants to have 90% of their devices to have connection to Samsung infrastructure.

    All devices will demand you to sign up to your Samsung account and will cease to function if you do not have access to it. Including TVs and dishwashers.

    Will be fun to watch mass bans to make lots of devices useless.

  • How capitalism always works

    Samsung Electronics vice chairman Lee Jae-yong has been released from prison after a successful appeal.
    Lee’s prison term was reduced to two and a half years, although he’s free to go with four years’ probation after being incarcerated for almost a year.

    Seems nice. Top managers must not live in prison, even if it is luxury one.

  • Samsung wants to abandon Tizen, watches line will be first

    Their new watch will probably be called the Samsung Galaxy Watch and will run quite bad Wear OS. Google OS compared to Tizen is full of bloat and inefficient code. But Samsung managers seems to be mentally degrading fast.

  • Samsung should just buy Garmin and put their Tizen OS in there.