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Panasonic GH5 V 2.0 and up firmware topic
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  • My video testing: GH5 with it's internal microphone GH5 with Rode stereo videomic X Samsung galaxy s7 with Rode smartlav+ as a comparison.

    Also confirming that the Lexar 1000x 256GB card is working fine even with the highest bitrates of the new 2.0 firmware of GH5.

  • Any thoughts on ALL-I 200mb 1080p 60p 10 bit versus 4k 8 bit 150mb GOP 60p? comparisons or videos?... would you trade off the extra resolution of 4k for better colour and motion cadence in the 1080p?

  • Firmware version 2.1 released:

    Following bugs were found after updating the firmware to Ver.2.0 but now they have been fixed.

    • [Power Save LVF Shooting] was automatically set to [1 sec]. (This makes the camera go into sleep mode in 1 sec in a standby mode.)
    • [Power Save LVF Shooting] will be set to [OFF] when the firmware Ver.2.0 is updated to Ver.2.1. If you would like to enable [Power Save LVF Shooting], please set it on manually by selecting a designated time. The parameters of picture quality adjustment in Photo Style were all set to -5 when setting the recording mode to [MP4 HEVC(AAC)]. This bug has been fixed.
    • The parameters of picture quality adjustment in Photo Style will be reset to ±0 when the firmware Ver.2.0 is updated to Ver.2.1. If you would like to adjust the picture quality in Photo Style, please adjust them manually.
    • There were cases where [V-LogL View Assist] did not work, This bug has been fixed.
    • There were cases where motion pictures recorded in [AVCHD] cannot be divided. This bug has been fixed.
  • The new IS-lock for video works brilliantly on/off/on/off during recording when programmed to FN-button. Great.

    Iso100 still clips video highlights after update. I hoped it to work better.

    Auto iso limiter works now with front wheel with video. Good.

    Before update E-stabilizer went off when powering off the camera. Now it stays on correctly.

    HLG has much more dynamic range than normal profiles.

  • A question: What is the tolerable ISO for recording in low light or at night with the GH5?

  • Anyone have any experience with 400mbps V2.1 GH5 green-screen? Worth it?

  • The new IS lock stabilator is incredible. It "glues" the lens in static clips but it helps in other ways too.

    Surprisingly the IS lock makes walking with camera very stable and smooth. It makes "floating" stabilization and keeps the frame balanced smoothly. Combined with DUAL IS2 lens and e-stabilization the walking with camera is very smooth and stable. I have used my 14-140 II lens.

  • testing 400Mbps all-I

  • @valpopando

    Thanks. Very beautiful places and nice video but where is the test? The Youtube video result would be identical if you would have shooted shoot150Mbs.

    Did you find 400Mbs easier to edit than 150Mbs? Have you tested the IQ difference between 10bit 150 vs 400 Mbs?

  • @Vesku first thx for compliments.

    and ...True mate ! in fact my test was only about 400 Mbps All Intra IQ , not a 400mbps vs 150mpbs .

    Btw I confirm ur post in " GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate " topic about not really better in static IQ , but better in motion .

    About edit , I work with FCPX and i had to transcode 4.2.2 (pro res) , and I found 400Mbs easier to edit.

  • Tree Lighting event at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston. I used the GH5 with the 2.1 firmware plus 12-35mm f/2.8 II lens. It stayed mostly at f/2.8, locked ISO at 800 and used just the auto focus. Shooting in low light at f/2.8 is a good way to test how the auto focus is. Not easy to shoot while holding the camera above my head and having gloves on. I have a tripod that can convert to a monopod but I didn't bring it. I might eventually get a regular monopod such as the ones from Sirui since I need something that can get me smooth shoots high above my head.

    Shot in 4K 60p.

  • 4K 60p. Aperture mostly at f/5.6 to f/8 to keep a lot of the frame mostly in focus. Shutter at 60. ISO at 1600. True that I could have used an ISO of 800 and use an aperture of around f/2.8 and f/4 on average. At least 1,600 ISO isn't too bad. Used the same lens as the previous video. 12-35mm f/2.8 ii. I think I'll trade it in for the Leica 12-60mm f/2.8 - 4.0 lens (Still within my return period). I read that it's a sharper lens than the first generation 12-35. I'll need to see a comparison against the second generation 12-35mm I have. I'd also like a little more reach. I do have the old 14-140mm lens but it it's not capable of using the dual stabilizer function as the newer lenses.

    Anyway, I only used auto focusing. If the updated GH5 really does get noticeably better low light capabilities, you'd be able to keep the ISO higher than the GH5 and shoot with a higher number f stop to get as much in focus as possible. Basically it would especially be better for event shooters.

    One of the copyrighted songs that were playing live at the event (Holly Jolly Christmas) is causing my video to be blocked in Germany. I just used the feature that tries to remove copyrighted audio so it might be a while until the video can be shown their. This have given me a lot of headache in the past when it comes to videos on my channel or videos on other people's channels that I have managed. Sometimes it's must worse. A certain copyrighted song that is playing at the event could cause your video to be blocked world wide.

    Imagine someone posting a wedding video online to show to relatives and because of one of the songs that was being played live when the people were dancing, the video gets blocked world wide. Instead of the videos getting blocked world wide, I wish the copyright owner would instead mute the audio. Even better if Google allowed them to just delete the audio in the portion of the video that has the song. As mentioned, deleting the audio of just a portion of the video that has copyrighted songs is available to the channel owners. Wish it was also available to companies representing copyrighted song owners. Again, they still have the power to delete the audio completely and being able to view the video with no audio is better than not being able to view the video at all.

    Sometimes I'll try to dispute it and say incidental background music is fair use but when a video has say 9 copyrighted songs such as this one, the chances of everyone agreeing are very slim. Some people might agree and lots of others may disagree.

    While I'm at it, sometimes the music isn't actually owned by company's clients. For example some companies will claim other people's cover videos all because their client also sang that cover. In one of the channels I managed, a cover song that was done with the Smule app was claimed by a company who was also claiming videos on Smule's YouTube channel. I messaged Smule about it and not long after I did that, the company stopped claiming those covers. It's all because one of their clients also sang a Smule cover and they decided to claim everyone else's Smule covers of that particular song.

    Sorry to be going a bit off topic.

  • Should have used a shutter such as 125 instead of 60. Oops. Just like my previous video, this one is also completely in auto focus.

  • 2018 New England International Auto Show - GH5 - Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-f/4.0 lens - 4K 60p

    It looks pretty empty because I went during press hours. Only people who were either part of the show or media were allowed in at that time. I had a press pass.

    ISO was mostly at 400 except for a couple of interior shots in which is was a little higher. Focusing was fully automatic. Shutter was either 60 or 120 depending on the lighting. f stop was mostly f/4 to f/5. Sometimes a little lower if their wasn't enough light.

    Used the Leica 12-60. Was previously trying out the 12-35mm but as a walk around, all purpose lens, it does't have enough reach for me. A big benefit of the 12-35mm lens is that it can stay at f/2.8 throughout the zoom range unlike the 12-60 which goes from f/2.8 to f/4.0 when you zoom out. When I'm shooting events, I try to shoot at f/4.0 to f/9 anyway unless I really need to go lower for low light shooting.

  • The above video demonstrates clearly that IBIS is not enough to achieve a video of this type (nothing moving in the frame) with acceptable shake.

    A gimbal would have made the video much better - you simply cannot hold the camera still for static shots of static subjects (a car sitting on a stand), and with a gimbal you can move around the cars (which you tried handheld, with terrible results).

    Or, maybe someone with steadier hands would have done better.

  • Static video with nothing moving - why not take a photo? It is quite boring to watch "video slideshows".

    Little camera movement without fast jittering is quite OK for me and gives some life to clip. Even many big movies are shot that way. GH5 IBIS after GH4 OIS vibration with some lenses is fantastic. The new fw 2.0 IS lock is very helpful too. I wonder if Paulo has used it with his auto show video.

  • GH5S has obviously better NR algorithm than GH5. I hope they update GH5 NR too if possible.