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Australia: Electricity prices
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    South Australian households are paying the highest prices in the world at 47.13¢ per kilowatt hour, more than Germany, Denmark and Italy which heavily tax energy, after the huge increases on July 1, Carbon + Energy Markets’ MarkIntell data service says.

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  • British Columbia, Canada $10.29 ! Its all about the Dams.

  • @kinvermark

    Good place for mining farms.

  • $10.29 /KW/H? that brings in your morning toast (3 min) at $0.51, a 2-bar heater to warm your toes is $20.60 an hour - and your actual single room, wall-banger air conditioner up to $35/hour. Monthly use (av 900kw/h) will be $9,374.19. Move to Florida

  • ten cents per KW/hr

    It would be less than 10 cents, but B.C. sold electricity to California and lost $76 billion and now charges more for electricity .


    660 x 372 - 245K
  • In Sept 2016 SA had a massive hurricane which knocked out much of its distribution infrastructure. For a few days private electricity suppliers raised the wholesale price from $70 per megawatt hour to $30,000-$70,000.00 , causing a once-only spike. This was unanimously seen as an unconscionable price-gouging exercise.

    Following the emergency, all private domestic suppliers have sought to re-fund reconstruction of their networks.

  • $41cents/kwh is not what we pay.

    A "Median" is always more meaningful than an average (which isn't 41c anywhere but in SA). image

    I calculated average cost per kwh per household:


    Now, if I seem to be very keen to calculate this, it's because the private companies are also keen - to fudge the information. (Population sourced from Australian Bureau of Statistics, -last Census was Aug 2016, just before the Hurricane. ABS also shows weekly costs per household via ther Consumer Price Index)

  • actually electricity price in france is 13,730 not 24,63 like said .. again unverified stuff

  • Ooops. Yes meant 10.29 cents. Twenty years ago I had a commercial greenhouse with lights and paid around 5 cents per kwh. Maybe the new dam will get prices down further, but somehow I doubt it.

  • The story of BC Hydro mismanagement is a good example of public-private-partnership disasters and general problems with capitalism.

  • in france we used to pay way less when it was public bisness , since EDF is a partnership with private investors , it's a nightmare .. price goes like 10x higher .. wxe used to have almost free electricity , as we were making more than we need, and we were saling a log to foreign country

  • At that high price solar becomes a viable option.

  • Privatisation: has it really been that brilliant? Just look at electricity

    It was, voters were assured, a new post-ideology rationality unlocking capital and using competition to deliver service improvement, product innovation, customer sensitivity, and lower prices.

    Sydney Morning Herald, JUNE 21 2017

  • @goanna

    Well, privatization of profits and nationalization of expenses is nothing new.
    Capitalist just felt that it is no big immediate danger anymore, hence so much love to privatize everything.