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Capitalism: TITAN Xp new drivers up performance 300%
  • TITAN Xp is the most powerful GPU you can put in your PC, and now we’re enabling even better performance with our latest TITAN drivers.

    We built TITAN Xp for people who design and create — and, of course, play games. And it’s always getting better.

    Our latest driver — available today — delivers 3x more performance in applications like Maya to help you create and design faster than ever.

    You can now also use TITAN Xp with more PCs, including thin & light laptops, than ever before, and with external GPU chassis from a wide range of manufacturers including Asus, HP, Powercolor and Razer

    Nvidea removed some artificial limits existing in driver.

    Nvidia also mentioned premiere Pro among apps gaining big boost.

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  • Hmm. Will this affect CS6 do you think?

  • They are scared of AMD at this moment.

  • Interesting. Will test update with Premiere soon to see if any perceivable difference.

  • As a Maya user, this could be huge. Quaddros with that amount of VRAM are obscenely expensive.