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Media Composer First , Free lite editor
  • The software is designed to be easy to use yet powerful, and a great introduction to professional video editing software. Media Composer | First has all the tools to create a project from start to finish and to deliver a finished movie in professional formats and to popular web outlets, unlike some freeware products that disable critical features like saving or delivering finished projects. It includes many of the same features as industry-standard Media Composer. It also lets you expand those tools and feature sets through additional purchases including plug-ins, options, and additional applications. You’ll also be able to buy stock footage and music. All Media Composer | First projects are stored in the cloud; some projects and cloud storage space are included,, with the opportunity to purchase more. Additionally, users have the opportunity to upgrade to a full version of Media Composer without losing any options, plugins, projects, add-ons etc. that were purchased with Media Composer | First.

    Media Composer | First is still in development, and won’t be available until later in 2015. It will also offer limited functionality.

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  • No UHD export on the free version, so that's a non-starter for me.

  • @Ezzelin

    You want too much from Avid, export of up to 3 minutes of UHD is reserved for 2020.

  • Composer First is an EXTREMELY limited version of Avid. Not very useful except as a quick test drive for those who have never used Avid.

  • It seems like they are trying to compete with Resolve somewhat, so I'd say it looks like more than an extremely limited trial version. I think Resolve's limitation is fair, which is UHD on the free version, but no cinema 4K.

  • There are very few NLEs that are as outdated as Media Composer. I used it for years and I whole-heartedly hate it. This shitty trial version doesn't help.

  • @Ezzelin You might like to read the Info on Avid's website. Media Composer First is severely limited. 4 video tracks, 8 audio tracks. No XML, EDL or AAF support. Limited to small set of built-in Avid effects with no 3rd party effects support. It's worth a look!

    Years ago Avid released a similar limited version to encourage new users, but it was not popular due to being too limited in basic features. Resolve free version is far superior in every way.

  • It's a shame to release such a "lite" product. In reality it may actually put people off upgrading to the paid product.

    I think Blackmagic have found a great balance in their free version of Resolve. Enough to really get immersed in the system, and only a few limitations for special "pro" needs. (Such as OpenFX, 4K cinema etc)

    However, Blackmagic is truely a great hardware company. So it's no surprise that they are giving away Resolve with Blackmagic cameras.

    In the Linux version of resolve IIRC one needs a Decklink to get audio out. (Which personally I think is a good thing- as this allows guaranteed audio sync with picture).

  • @alcomposer

    One of the versions is that Black Magic is not hardware company, it is banks supplied company. All people I asked tell that BM have very strong finances source behind their back.

  • Hardware company as in they predominantly make hardware. As for bank comment I would assume most companies are supported by some sort of funding system. Doing anything in 2017 costs money.

  • As for bank comment I would assume most companies are supported by some sort of funding system. Doing anything in 2017 costs money.

    I mean different things. Most companies finance mergers mostly from their own money.
    As far as I understand BM use some big money source to become the company you know by buying various companies.

  • Sure, but all companies have support from somewhere: investors, private investors, banks, clients, government etc.

    If they have good business plan and are able to communicate that worth successfully they get investors.

    Support can also take multiple forms, not only financial.

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