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Computational Video Editing for Dialogue-Driven Scenes
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  • What utter hogwash

  • Actually I think this is very cool. Don't think of it as a replacement for editing, but as a way of showing an editor a version of the edit, which the editor can then further perfect.

    I would also like to see ways of editing that are meta-data based, which automatically edit material together based on human assigned metadata. This sort of technology could also be used to assist in meta-data tagging, so we can do an assembly fast, and get to refining the edit faster.

    Frameline was a company that was promising this sort of integration about 8 years ago, but has been AWOL for a long time.

  • I think automated editing is the future.

    Not fully automated, but system must be tunable to your style and be able to automatically make draft edit for multicamera interviews.

  • I could see automated editing for a first cut so the director/editor can see to get ideas for making an edit. They could also try different styles. But it does not replace good dialogue editing. No nuances and overlaps.

  • @halfmac

    Well, paired with speech recognition and emotions recognition can work very good.

  • I'm not understanding the reticence by some for this. This IS the future. 95% of content you consume would be wholly unaffected, as computer would replicate what people are ALREADY replicating.

    Wide > medium > close> back to medium> ultra-close > end with medium or wide, or some variation, is pretty standard since the conception of montage . It is very rare to find some groundbreaking editing on mass-produced Western-style 3-Act narrative structure. You learn it in school or work, you find a style you like, you keep doing it. What difference does it make if a computer is doing it for you?

    I honestly find it fascinating. Even looking at something like Amazon Polly (their text to speech engine) it is amazing to see strides made. You never know, maybe the computer's work will be better....

    Oh, and of course the fact that computers are non-union, don't call out sick, etc. makes it merely a matter of time, anyway. "Editor" (or at a minimum "Assistant Editors") will join the ranks of "Conformist", "Optical Printer", etc.

  • @tfinn

    But knowing some NLE developers it can be very slow to implement. Plus it really needs resources available only to one of the few top corporations.

    One good thing in all this is that it means that Adobe will be forced to merge with someone.

  • I don't see this as a replacement to an editor. Far from it. I see this as a way of logging and cataloging hours of footage and to give me rough cuts, or even allow me to assign "DNA" style editing to selections of clips. Just fantastic and super fast to edit together material that just all slides together automatically.

    Then we can fine tune and improve the algorithm even more so each time that happens.

    Quite frankly I don't understand why I can't just click on "auto edit" right now! Then just play with the feeling of the automatic edit. :-)