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Strength of gh5 hot shoe
  • Hi! What do you think about strength of gh5 hot shoe mount? Gh5 has metal body, so i think its hot shoe should be not so weak. I want to use camera without cage for my project, so i am going to put pix-e5 + pixLr combo on it. Total weight with 2 battery will be about 1kg. Can it damage my camera or it is not so heavy weight to brake it?

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  • @1917

    You can, if you accidently kick it, or it will fall.
    And most probably you will pay much more than cage price.

  • I am going to buy new gh5 cage, but i have some project soon and shipping it for me can take long time. Will try to be carefull with hot shoe.

  • Check this one -

    They have cage only (but also with buttons on top handle).

  • Thank you! Interesting cage. Will think about it.

  • I suggest buying a pair of cheap aluminum L-brackets for mounting your Pix. Not as nice as a cage, perhaps, but it will let you mount things securely without using the hot shoe.