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Flashpoint XPLOR 600 HSS TTL (in Europe: Godox Wistro AD600) advice please
  • I am thinking of buying the Godox AD600 (I live in Germany). For me this is new stuff. I want to buy a beauty dish and softbox as well. My question is which version of the AD600 should I buy? AD600B (Bowens Mount) or AD600 (Godox Mount). I don't understand the differencey (yet) in the different mounts. I will be going for Westcott beauty dishes / softboxes... Thanks for your advice.

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  • Short answer is to buy the one with the Bowens mount.

    Look at Westcott and see which speedrings they offer for the modifiers you want. You'll probably find that they offer Bowens mount (which is very common) along with several others. Godox mount is really only supported by Godox (that I've seen) and so far they don't seem to have a very robust line-up of modifiers. Most large modifiers are built around a "speedring" which is the part of the modifier that connects to the lighting mount. This speedring design lets a company like Westcott make the same product available to users of many different lighting systems and all Westcott have to do is change which speedring they ship with the modifier. This also means if you want to move to a different lighting manufacturer in the future, one that uses a different mount like Profoto for instance, you might still be able to use your existing light modifiers by buying the correct speed rings and swapping out the Bowens mount speedrings.

  • thanks so much! all clear now ;-)