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JAWAI - A Tale of Humans, Landscapes and Wildlife
  • Rarely have I been moved that deeply by a travel experience as it was the case when I visited the area of Jawai in Rajasthan, India. The raw beauty of the landscape, the inhabitants, the way they live their lifes in harmony with the wildlife of this area, and how their deep rooted culture and spiritual belief helped to conserve the biodiversity.

    This is one of the rare places on earth where wild leopards and humans live together in peace.

    I am very grateful to my friend Parag, who showed me this exceptional area. We had less than 48 hours to experience the place, yet I was completely fascinated. This is a magical land - an emotion which I am trying to convey by this film.

    I hope that it stays this way - hence a somewhat sad undertone. You have to invest a little bit of time into this film, but I hope it is worth it for you!

    Some foley and the sounddesign was made by my brother Stefan Machu - a big thank you goes to you!

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  • @GMC fantastic work! I suppose this question is always asked, but this is PV anyway:

    What system did you use to film this amazing work?

  • @alcomposer thanks for your comment - I used my Sony A7sII, a GoPro Hero5 with Karma Grip ( for the vehicle shots) and a Canon 100-400, Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 and a Samyang 135mmf2