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New Panasonic Cinema Camera 2017
  • Panasonic's mystery camera is not such a mystery anymore. In Photoshop I lifted the hell out of Panasonic's teaser picture, and it reveals quite a lot. I've typed in what I think is written on the camera. You decide. Maybe you can find some more. One thing is sure - it has a Canon EF mount because the Sigma Art logo on the lens is unmistakable. This indicates the camera is more closely aligned with the Varicam line than Micro 4/3.

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  • Here's the picture.

    Panasonic Mystery Camera.jpg
    1326 x 1225 - 927K
  • Looks great - just wish it had a choice between MFT and EF, even if the MFT mount cropped things a bit. MFT gives so many more options for using older glass.

  • Sigma has other mounts as well :). I know I wish...

  • Actually you can use Panasonic PR guys as indicator. Some time ago they stopped pushing m43 format as hard as before. So, most probably approach will be similar to JVC here.

  • It would be great if it used the same approach as JVC - i'd be very happy with that. MFT can do it all (EF, PL, MFT native, Contax, M42 etc etc) so lets have it as an option.

  • Looking more closely at that image, it looks very possible that the EF mount and lens release button could rotate off (or be removed with undoing some screws?) to reveal a micro 4/3 mount and S35 sensor - so yes similar to JVC but designed with a custom non-optical active EF mount that's more secure than your standard adapter - maybe positive locking M4/3 to EF active :) now I'm dreaming. From what I saw Nick Driftwood hinting at on facebook, they really seemed to have gone crazy with this thing, so maybe possible. I think M4/3 - EF switchable mounts would really open up the camera's potential when you see all the great M4/3 glass out there now.

  • I hope it's a Varicam sensor/colour science and not the GH5 or DVX200 sensor/colour science.

  • Wonder if we will see GH6 with e-mount or EF? M43 EOL? Maybe this is a sign of things to come? Its a great shame, as M43 is a really great mount, with nice small lenses designed specifically for crop sensor. I think that Panasonic could really make amazing small cinema glass as m43.

  • For now Panasonic remind me of lemmings sometimes. Determinate, but in a wrong way.

  • Cant @driftwood let them know keep with the m43 program?

    I purchased a 15mm 1.7 m43 lens and it's very small, and very cinematic. All we need now is dedicated cinema lenses for m43, (marketing). Just do it!

    (On side note I think that lemmings actually don't jump off clifs. It is urban legend.)

  • On side note I think that lemmings actually don't jump off clifs. It is urban legend.)

    Yep. But I am afraid Panasonic doesn't know about it :-) So, let them march.

  • It's a pity for me to seriously consider Sony as a cinematic option moving forward.

    Why on earth would Panasonic push another manufacturers mount? Small size cinematic lenses can be made and marketed.

  • Why on earth would Panasonic push another manufacturers mount?

    Because more mounts means bigger margins and market fragmentation.

  • Yeah, only thing is, if it's a EF mount Panasonic don't make any money from that. (Unless there is a kick back)