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Panasonic GH5 camera, actual users feedback
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  • @timqqq Here It's pretty crappy but it does what I need fast and more or less without problems.

  • @Rambalac I am not familiar with this GUI, but I used proxy in premiere pro how do you think

  • Had my first problem with the GH5 today. Was filming an interview using the XLR unit and my Sigma 18-35 (with a vanilla 'smart adaptor' set to wide open). Shot happily all day. Then after the interview I noticed the camera had locked up. So swapped the battery out- all fine. Continued shooting for the rest of the day. Got home and the file for the 15 minute interview was corrupt - it had become an .mdt file. Can't open it in any software. Damn. Not nice.

  • a quick scene from today shoot 180 and 60 framerate

  • @Rambalac You do not even have to switch the GH5 on. Even when it is switched off in the bag, I asn wake it up with the app, establish the Wifi and can copy pictures from the camera in the bag onto my Iphone. I have done it many times already. Or you can remote control the camera. Great feature

  • I wish the GH5 would allow MF+AF function when AFC+AFL are engaged. The AFL works with AFC, but the focus cannot then be manually adjusted (as AFS+AFL allows). There are many times I want to "fine tune" initial AF, but still have AFC ready to engage (by disengaging the AFL).

    GH4 functioned the same way.

  • @v10tdi

    Does the GH5 AFS+MF work so that you must first half press AFS before you can fine tune with MF. GH4 works so and it is annoying. Why not AF+MF work all the time?

  • Depending on set-up, I believe this is true. I tried various permutation (half-press AF on/off, AF-ON, AFL, etc.) and I could not manually focus until AFS has achieved focus.

  • @Vesku, I have not been able to get this to work on my GH5. I have it set to af-mf in the menu, but it doesn't work with my settings. I haven't played with it too much as there are a million af settings and I don't want to mess up what is working for video af quite nicely for me right now :)

  • You can save the right settings in camera on the smartphone via the app or onSD card and reload, when the testing is done

  • Does IBIS work in 4K Photo Modes?

  • @fosterchen

    Yes IBIS works very well in both 4K and 6k modes.

  • Is there a good, Objective video demonstrating Vlog DR advantages over CineD or Standard, Neutral profiles?

  • I've already lost the eyecup on my GH5. By chance anyone know the part number? Probably be months before it's available.

  • @v10tdi

    You should be very careful now not to scratch EVF lens. i hope it is not the same plastic lens as in GH4.

  • Yes, I was worried about that. The viewfinder glass seems to be pretty tough (much better than GH3/4), but I'll try to be careful until I can acquire a replacement eye cup.

  • I have the 12-60mm lens. I get a weird flickering sometimes in video, especially after using the zoom. Any ideas? I'm playing it back in fcpx. My computer seems to be doing well with it. Tricked out late 2017 5k iMac. I've tried rendering it and transcoding with no luck.

    Thanks, Morgan

  • @MorganD

    Are you using exposure mode A for video. It may cause occasional flicker when the camera is changing shutter speed. Also indoors with electric lights can occur flicker.

  • @MorganD After using zoom or while zooming? If it happens while zooming it's the aperture changing during zooming. At least that's what my 14-140 use to do. I avoid zooming as focus can cause changes as well. Also if your using shutter priority like me the aperture does not change smoothly at least on my 14-140. I found out the hard way and had to keyframe exposure compensation to smooth out the changes. Strictly manual exposure for me now.

  • Hi, thought my short documentary test might be of interest here (all the GH5 settings info is in the Vimeo description)

  • Hello Community! Here is my first test with the Panasonic GH5 & Nikkor-S 55MM F 1.2 lens w/ metabones dummy adapter. Love the lens as it gives my image more character with a soft "Glow" wide open. Sharpens up very nicely at F 1.8 - F2. Please read the notes regarding this video if you'd like to technically comment. Thanks!

    Lens: Nikkor-S 55MM F 1.2 ND: Syrup Variable Adapter: Metabones Dummy Adapter (No Speedbooster) Conducted: Handheld & Ronin-M Color: V-Log & Graded In MB Looks Denoise: Yes, some HD shots. Denise II Timeline: 4K 24P Resolution: 4K 60 fps & HD 180 fps Speed Notes: Played with speed vs interpreting the footage in some shots, namely in the last shot of the drummer. Speed altered to 30% of 60 fps pushing it to a staggering limit. Decent result, but not entirely fluid upon close inspection.

  • I took my GH5 to Renaissance Fair in Southern California yesterday during the sunny day and shot some videos and photos. For video, I used 8bit 4k 60p with AF on, AFC and custom AF off using 225 area focus. I shot 22GB of video panning and zooming while walking. Auto focus and stabilizer worked like a champ without a single problem. As for photos, because I needed to take a lot of photos very quickly, I used iA+ to let the camera decide and the pictures came out beautiful and corrected nicely in Lightroom. I am impressed with how this camera performs.

  • This is not exactly GH5 specific, but after trying a number of NLE trial software to edit 10 bit GH5 footage and uninstalling them, I can no longer play the 4K-60p or 10 bit footage smoothy on my i7-3770 win10 machine :(

    I've reloaded the NVidia drivers, DirectX and uninstalled any old software I could think of that I'm not using. It seems to be the same issue that people had with getting smooth playback in any software (VLC, MPC-HC and WMP etc) when Windows 10 first came out.

    Any idea's what I might have removed or changed that could be causing the video to no longer be able to be played smoothly in any NLE or windows 10 player? What else is there besides DirectX (DirectShow) in windows and my GT620 NVidia drivers?

    Cheers, Pete

  • Perhaps reset the computer to the settings the day before you made the changes?

  • @c3hammer Try Potplayer 32bit for Windows. Its free and very powerful with a lot of options. It plays 8bit 4k 60p flawlessly on my Windows core i7 computer. It plays 10bit 4k 30p but you might see a minor jitter. I have also tried playing 6k photo H265 MP4 file with no problem.