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Panasonic GH5 camera, actual users feedback
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  • Here we go trying out Leeming Ones LUT

  • And here it is with the balanced lut ontop of the base LUT

  • Looks somewhat similar to the Film Convert one - just a bit less saturated.

  • Yeah....still seems like a lot of hassle,...expose by an extra 4 stops in post and add two luts....or shoot in standard for same result...

    I await some more professional video comparisons where I really see the two stops difference that vlog-l provides...I am not saying It is not there, but with my limited skills I am yet to see a major visual difference..

  • I definitely see more dynamic range in v-log from my tests. But colour is just very good across the board on GH5 so V-Log doesn't seem to offer any colour benefits.

  • The sun came out for a short time on a rainy day so I tested the IBIS with my Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95@F2.8 & 5.9" close focus in 4K 60p.

  • I would certainly like to see more comparisons between standard profiles and the vlog profile graded to truly show the extra dynamic range you can get from it.. not much yet

  • Joe - was the ibis correctly set for 25mm in that shot - it was pretty wobbly!

  • I've been having pretty good luck with the autofocus and particularly the auto iso with the 15mm & 42mm f/1.7's

    Here's a little test.

    password test123

    The auto focus isn't perfect or anywhere near as good some cams, but with lots of light and the 15mm set to f/1.7 it will actually be quite usable for don juan steadicam type shots if you ask me.

    Cheers, Pete

  • а quick test in a studio, all I can tell, quite easy to get a good color from Vlog.

  • AF is quite good, a bit slow to my liking compared to Samsung NX1

  • @olegkalyan

    2020 year.
    Panasonic on the brink of total collapse, Sony barely alive also. Worse even is that Trump has no other countries left to bomb except Japan.

    Panasonic GH7 topic, new post appears:

    Dynamic range is so-so, my NX1 is much better. AF is quite good, but, of course slower compared to Samsung NX1. And NX is also much better investment, as this month price already crossed Hasselblad levels.

  • I think it must still be April 1st. Really funny! Keep it coming guys.

  • @ReflexFilms I was not that steady since I was trying to move the camera in and out to get focus with the ultra shallow DOF. Here is a quick shot of a bee today.

  • GH5 with an old SMC Pentax-M* 300mm F4 lens from the early 80's.

  • "The Phone", short GH5. 10 and 8 bit scenes included.

  • just in case you don't want to wait vimeo loading

    Yes, I prefer Samsung NX1 focusing system, GH5 needs to upgrade firmware

  • Some LUT tests...not too bothered about opinions on the grade, but is the exposure ok on these few clips?

  • Asking for advice how to optimze stoarage/video editing you guys use when shooting with GH5

    For me, I am now shooting GH5 4K50p 150Mbps with a 64GB SD card I got 2 64GB SD card The problem is the file size are too large and not very friendly to manage in video editing, I need to enable proxy to do the editing which costs me so LONG & eating all of my storage space.

    How do you guys manage the storage with this large size of video?

    And also, how many GBs of SD card you guys bring if you go to shoot a full day event? (say 10 hours), how to manage the storage space? Is there any option to shoot lower bitrate 4K50p video? (e.g. 70-80Mbps)

    Thanks Timothy

  • Interested in feedback from people who have used the electonic image stabilsation function ? I have the GH5 and have never gone near it as heard horror stories about using this with warping etc in previous cameras with this feature.

    The dpreview says the crop is minimal when in use and no obvious loss in quality?...makes me think it might be worth a try?

  • Did anyone try to make Image App to start remote control just on app start via Bluetooth? I thought Panasonic people promised that many times, you just turn camera on, open app and instantly get control. I spent 15 min in camera store trying to enable that feature but no success.

  • @timqqq I have several terabytes on Amazon Cloud Drive. Even made special application to work with files and upload reliably. Amazon Cloud Drive service and speed is quite crappy but app is just pushing everything forward by force.

    I also using my own video "editor" which is basically ffmpeg GUI. It can merge and cut files 300fps. Cannot change anything visually but I prefer to set camera and capture video as good as possible instead of waiting processing 10 hours for 1 hour video.

  • @Rambalac thx for your reply May I know more about your video "editor"? How do you manage the video clip?

  • @lmackreath I had it on when doing some stabilizer work and it was horrible. I kept thinking "how am I doing this so $&!##Y ???" In the end of the day it was because I had the electronic stabilizer on as well. There have been a few other reports of poor stabilization, but those are always speedboosted setups. Now that I have the electronic stab to off, my native 15mm is working beautifully !!!

    Cheers, Pete