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Tascam DR-70D, more and better
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  • @smoke23

    Changed link, check now, it is their email only offer.

  • Inside look


    Linear input results



    Dynamic range


    800 x 536 - 118K
    619 x 508 - 63K
    616 x 490 - 64K
  • Have just bought a slightly used one from the eBay and done a quick test run. For me it will be mainly as an XLR mic interface to my GH4 (as opposed to a recorder), it way exceeds my expectations, especially after reading so much negative reviews/comments.

    Seems to me that Tascam has done everything just right: Low price; a stand-alone recorder but also has an adjustable-level output for a camera (adjustable from line level all the way down to < -100dBv); nice form factor to use with a camera; very decent audio quality; low EIN level; dual batter sets plus a USB that serves as a DC power input; an no power supply included - I have so many "fast charging USB" power supplies at home I do not want another one.

    Up to now I mainly use a Marantz PMD-661 as a separate audio recorder. The Tascam beats it in a number of ways: Tripod mounting, adjustable-level output to feed directly into my GH4, USB DC in, and 4 XLR inputs. Like the Marantz, I will use only external battery pack for the Tascam.

    To me this Tascam is really a no-brainer: It is way more useful AND cheaper than Zoom recorders, Beach Tech products, and Linked Juice products

  • I wouldn't say they did everything right, but it's still a good deal. The fact that there is no backup battery for the clock and your settings is totally ridiculous. Fortunately, most of the bugs have a workaround.