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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @Zorba - No idea, perhaps they have heard the feedback, that it should of been?

    As to the High ISO Test - why o why are people still messing with Master Pedestal...?

  • More Gh5 sensor,motherboard and body images.

    900 x 596 - 44K
    900 x 584 - 67K
    900 x 600 - 75K
  • @Eno


    Remembering previously posted image of other side


    GH5 motherboard is most complex among all Panasonic cameras I know.

    Yet it still have HDMI and audio jack on main board, bad decision considering price of replacement.

    We also clearly see result of management decision to cut spending on chip design teams.

    510 x 568 - 49K
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Yes the design of the GH 5 motherboard seams very complex, much more than in the case of EM1 mk2.

    Yes, "it still have HDMI and audio jack on main board" but at least the mic input is not directly connected to the main board. :)

  • People that photograph products using razor-thin depth-of-field should get kicked in the crotch. Hard.

  • @Zorba

    not all preview-units have VLOG enabled, only very few it seems. What seller in germany says VLOG is included? It's an additional purchase which they claim is available by release

  • Hi guys, for some reason It might only be in australia where vlog is free with purchase. I know it is at digidirect, georges etc

  • I was doing some digging and B&H Photo in the US confirmed it was not a pre-order freebie - inferring it was just Internet rumour. I didn't find anything else talking about it other than a few comment threads so I think it's safe to assume it won't be free at all. Though the Australia thing is interesting so may very well be a thing there like Fitzy says.

  • @JamesAllenVisual

    I think no one told that it is free. It was good idea, but nope.

  • That sensor has several issues.

    Now what.???

    Lets hope for the ones cooking in factory to be revised versions from pre production models. Bad highlight handling. Extreme contrast allways. Blacks with no data. Moire on some scenes.

    Now im begining to think if 10 bits was worth it. It seems the threw on all to the venus engine and only overclocked the sensor.

    It seems to me that the dynamic range is off. Maybe lower than gh4 in this pre production version.

  • That sensor has several issues.

    What kind of issues?

    Bad highlight handling. Extreme contrast allways. Blacks with no data. Moire on some scenes.

    All you listed is not sensor related (for specified sensor size, of course). It is in camera processing.

  • @endotoxic, what sensor issues? Everything you mentioned are user related faults!

  • then i said: @Eno @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    It seems they threw on all to the venus engine and only overclocked the sensor.

    Ohh, now everyone likes the sensor?

    Well i dont see any improvement just low light. For general purpose its ok, but selling 10 bit HDR ready with that dynamic range, seems stupid.

    I thought this baby was capable of 13.5 stops, but seeing this, only low light is improved. Yes in that aspect for sensor size, is good noise reduction algorithm, cos with that back prossesing at 480fps makes good noise. Unless is REALLY ALL NEW SENSOR.


    come on @Eno. Throw that to an alexa and lets see how it handles user faults.

    I really dont see improvements over gh4 image wise, exepect noise reduction and 10bit flavor for the masses.

    keep the frame rates and bitrates for other time

  • I think you should wait and see till the camera actually ships. Even if it were the exact same sensor it now is non cropped in 4K and has internal stabilization. Two great things to me the test will be if it does anything twice as good as my current G85 to justify the hefty price tag.

  • @Scot

    With all due respect. The cost of this thing is nothing for what you get. I you want a pro suggestion sell your g85 and buy the GH5. PERIOD. All is better.

    Its my rant, that being here in forum since GH1,( i remember...hmm time has passed) almost same dynamic range as first sensor. I see all the positives, if you could see what can be done on a properly hacked GH2, you could be very surprised.

    But all this time has passed, and from 10 to 12 stops in almost 8 years...COME ON PANA, its not all back processing, its also wavelengths and sensitivity to those.

    Why Alexa is so good? is the sensor, the processing is also very good, but that sensor even up-scaled gives you 4k detail !!!

    I cant compare Alexa to GH5 but all this tech for same DR. i know Panasonic dont want to cannibalize Varicam set, but come on, give us one more stop, even perceptual.

  • I see something strange in this slow motion, can be the type of artificial light.

  • I can't understand why Panny don't hand their cameras to decent videographers. Except for Neumann's short video I haven't seen anything semi-good from GH5 yet. I remember the same situation with GH4, lots of horrible crap in the beginning with some nice stuff showing months after release.

  • @endotoxic I really wish I understood your posts.

    Most of what you say, such as "Bad highlight handling. Extreme contrast allways. Blacks with no data. Moire on some scenes." is just silly. You really can't evaluate a camera by looking at a few online videos. Then you follow up by saying "I you want a pro suggestion sell your g85 and buy the GH5. PERIOD. All is better."

    So what do you really think? GH5 is good? Or not?

    Comparing to an Alexa is not useful as the GH5 is not in the same category at all. Yes I know the Alexa is considered to be the benchmark for professional digital imaging ( I grade Alexa footage daily) but it's a different form factor and technology. No other camera maker comes close, which is why they are used for major cinema productions. No other compact or DSLR camera brand will compare well to Alexa either so your comparisons are pointless.

  • @Manu4Vendetta LED lighting flicker. Synchro scan can be used to minimise the flicker but I'm not sure if the GH5 can enable it in variable frame rate mode.

  • @caveport Alexa now is a reference camera, so anyway all other cameras will compare with it. Already 4 years since we have cameras that twice cheaper than Gh5, and close to Alexa in terms of dr, color, organic motion feeling, it has size of smartphone and shoot RAW!!! - i mean bmpcc (and bmmcc). BM footage easily mixing with Alexa footage in many projects. Yes, Alexa is 1000 times better for real production, but bmpcc footage is much closer to Alexa than GH cams footage. So technicaly good DR, color and compression is not fantastic for gh5 price segment today (and yesterday) and may be it is only marketing reason to so slow evolution of this parameters in dslr or mirrorless photocameras. About gh line - it is very important to have progress in DR, it is more important than 4k60p (or 6k)))), a lot of commercial projects today still shooting on Alexa in 2k, because there are no any reason to shoot it in 4k (4k is great feature anyway). I think in 2017-2018 we will see small and cheap camera with 15 steps of dr and raw.

  • @caveport

    English its not my native lenguage. So maybe that is why you may not be able to understand.

    Im a professional director and cinematographer, i have myown company, ive used all models of cameras arround, worked with them and test them on field ( exept FS5 and new 8k monsters) I know what im talking about.

    I also know about sensor tech and general( prosessors SOCs FPGA prosses of lythography and realated stuff) not into a scientific or mathematical level, so i know i have a deep understanding of what is going on. Even though vitaly constansltly make me look like a real ignorant. I accept it cos he knows what he is talking about, but is sturdy as fuck, as me.

    I i recomend this camera is cos i know what kind of tech is behind this, seeing that motherboard, the part of the non soc where all voltage controlers and staked chips are, is more interesting to analize, high level tech there on that camera.

    My rant is about to much years for so little improvement in DR, come on!


    i have the same poit of view of you, thank you for undestanding.