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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • Something is very wrong with those highlights.

  • most likely color grading

  • He explains that he overexposed by mistake. That is why the live LUT feature is so important to have. Easier to expose. And I agree the grade is very harsh and the highlights are terribly cut. Other footage I have seen is nothing of the sort. The V-LOG L footage from the girl in Seattle grades very well and has very nice shadow and highlight detail.

  • My main unanswered questions are:

    1) 180fps mode is it soft like the 96fps on the GH4? What bitrate is it recording at?

    2) Can you use other system lenses with the IBIS and dial the focal length like in Olympus cameras?

    3) Will pre-orders in the USA have the V-Log L for free like someone suggested in a video?

    To anyone that can answer... Thank you!

  • @theSUBVERSIVE thanks for the answer, I wold love to find a proper (all values exposed) ISO test on standard profile with everything on default.

    @joethepro, " I don't understand it being forced on." are you kidding or something? "

  • @konjow

    most likely color grading

    I'm not 100% sure, it certainly did not help, but there is something odd with it. That same guy has videos shot with different cameras in challenging light, where he did not clip highs that bad in grading. One would think that he'd do better grading with new camera that he got to test by the company.


    He explains that he overexposed by mistake

    But not by too much really. Seems like the camera handles overexposure badly and produces those harsh edges. Don't get me wrong I don't expect it to be Alexa for 2k$, and I really don't care about stops on paper, just some cameras when they 'burn', no matter at what exposure value, they burn nicer with finer falloff and this one cuts clipped highs off as linear as it gets. Same case in few other videos so it is not just this one.

    I agree though that girl in Seattle footage is great, maybe it needs some extra care with highs, we'll see.

  • GH5 NEW FEATURES! (I have asked most of them for years, thanks Panasonic)

    -auto iso in M with EV comp and with auto iso range setting.

    -min shutter speed limit.

    -iso100 for video! (This is great for noise and bright light)

    -folder and file custom naming

    -the whole camera status save/load option to SD card (ability to share settings between GH5s) My idea in many forums.

    772 x 507 - 79K
    600 x 397 - 72K
  • @jamesb 2) Can you use other system lenses with the IBIS and dial the focal length like in Olympus cameras?

    My G85 asks what focal length lens I have attached on power up - so I would expect nothing less on the GH5. It provides me a scale from 8mm to 1000mm focal length. Very easy to use...

  • Footage was shot by Nick Driftwood

  • @Eno ? I think your directing your reply to the wrong person?

  • @sammy, sorry, I copied your nickname by mistake.

  • @Eno nevermind, must be thinking of something else

  • I wish camera manufacturers started offering in-camera encryption of video files, so that files cannot be interpreted unless you have the password. Some sort of hardware chip that doesn't delay encryption.

    Ideal when shooting confidential material & having your camera stolen. Or recording in politically sensitive countries and war zones.

  • This camera looks amazing...been waiting for a camera with 4k 10Bit 4:2:2 internal codec. Thanks Panasonic.


    I suggest you look at Trucrypt - its free and uses AES256 bit could copy all your camera files to a couple of Trucrypt volumes at the end of each shoot if you need to...

  • Marketing Interview

  • question : is form factor of GH5 is ok with GH4's cage ?

  • The new focus pull function is nice. Even better would be ability to drive focus motor by pressing FN-buttons. It would be easy to add to that feature.

  • Thinking hard about whether I not I can pull the plug on the GH5 or to get the G80. I have the GH4 currently and love it, but the thing I wish I had the most is the in built stabilisation. The G80 offers that, and in theory I could sell my GH4 with a lense for the price of a new G80.

    The 10 bit doesnt interest me, and the 4k 60p would be nice but not essential.....and it seems low light performance hasnt really improved that much....

    Tough choice, and tough justification to the wife to spend £1699 when she says "why do you need it?"...and I say..."well i dont....i just want it!"

  • @lmackreath

    Again, wait for late April.

    It is absolutely no need to preorder GH5 now, until you know how it will pay for itself.

  • I do the odd paid gig like weddings but they are few and far between which suits me as I have a day job. At the end of the day I film family and you can do that with an iphone!

    But I do like the idea of the right tools for the job, and for me with a small footprint, handhelp, no rig, mic etc something like inbody stabilisaton would improve the look of my work. I purchased the gopro karma grip over the holidays and have been blown away by the smooth cinematic shots I can pull off, so much so that I would use it more than the GH4 for anything but static shots....

  • Can someone with a GH5 test the AF?

  • @cas1

    I doubt it, it's not on sale yet. Anyone getting their hands on one will have a pre-production version, so any tests won't be valid.

  • For me I love all the new add-ons for the GH5, but the only thing that's holding me back is the iso performance. If it has usable iso up to 6400 like how Nick video claims, I will definitely buy 2. Come wedding season, they will pay their self off easily. I would have preordered them if they had a good test showing the iso performance has being improved. This has being my one biggest grief with the GH line. I skipped the GH4 and if iso on GH5 is good, I am in.

  • Andrew

    I talked to Panasonic’s Matt Frazer to clarify the use of H.265 on the Panasonic GH5.

    By it’s very nature, H.265 is a long-GOP codec which does not store every individual frame as would an ALL-I recording mode.

    Matt says Panasonic are at the moment using H.265 only for the 6K Photo Mode as a way to compress the very high resolution 18MP images at high frame rates to smaller files without compromising quality.

    Nothing new here, except very technically incorrect statement. H.265 can be intraframe and it is not "long-GOP in nature", H.265 is significantly more efficient compared to H.264 as intra codec.