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I wish Olympus would do a 20mm lens.
  • I love the 25mm 1.8 olympus, its compact, sharp, great bokeh, cheap etc but for video its just a little bit narrow for my tastes, doesn't really open up a scene when inside. On the other hand the Olympus 17mm is a little bit wide and distorts faces. I know I could get the Panasonic 20mm but its not cheap and it has a different look than Olympus, I prefer to use the same lens brand and have a consistent look between shots.

    Anyone heard rumour of Olympus plugging this gap?

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  • Looking around I think you'll get your lens in 2 years time. But it won't be cheap.

  • An Olympus OM 28mm f2.8/3.5 plus a cheap RJ Speed Booster is a nice option. It does not AF but it is compact for a vintage combo.

  • @yskunto

    To be accurate you need about 35mm, Samyang 35mm is superb and frequently on sales. Much better than any old glass.

  • @yskunto I find the OM already a little soft and with a speedster that adds to it. I want to do a lot of post correction like filmconvert but I find if you start with a soft image you end up looking at the end of it like an 80's porn flick. I think people are wrong about soft shallow focus and vintage looking filmic....I agree with Ridley Scott opinion in that I want sharp as possible images. Film look isn't softness imo basically.

    Saying that have you got any links to examples so I don't dismiss something that might be useful?

  • @suresure123 you have specific thought and request about lens characteristics. I think it is better for you to try all existing options and find it by yourself.

    As @Vitaliy_Kiselev, yes a very good option.

  • Today this will be on gold box, can be used with EF lens turbo