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How could I mic this wide angle type of interview?
  • I really like the wide angle on these interviews but am wondering how I will mic something like them. I have a H1 Zoom and I was wondering if I could just stick on on a small stand in front of them and cut it out of the a few of them are like. One interview with the old couple in their trophy room clearly must be using lav mics? maybe, one for each speaker? Otherwise I can't see how they got a microphone close enough to them for the shot....some way to hide the mic maybe?

    Any tips? Could I get decent sound with just the H1 a couple of metres in front of the speakers?

    How do you think the filmmakers did it?

    Does anyone think they used binaural mics? Some of the 2nd documentary I posted has some of their dynamic to my ears.

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  • Hmmm, maybe they hid the mics on the chairs next to them in the 1st video, the guy in his trophy room on the 2nd video - maybe its on a stand on the floor in front of him just out of shot, or attached to the chandalier

  • I'm no expert, but if for some reason you can't or don't want to use lavs, and the frame is static, is it quite easy to mask out the microphone afterwards. Just get a few seconds of the frame without the mic and boom pole as well and overlay that part.

  • I'd hide a shotgun mic up those white hunters ass holes.

  • I regret that I only started viewing the hunting video. Shame on you to link these video of bloodthursty white cowards. No answer therefore on your question.

  • Come on people - the question wasn't "what is your opinion on hunting?" but a technical question on mic placement..........

  • @tubefingers

    People are complex species, far from computer and robots. They can hate your shirt or smell even.

  • Contact the film-maker? I'd suspect well placed lav mics using adhesive pads on the body, underneath clothing. Usually, lav mics sound a little more bassy with less room acoustics. If it were shotgun mic, you would get room acoustics that would be difficult to remove.

  • Its true @vitalykiselev I know this only too well after just reading a 46 page forum thread over on EOSHD about a guy who scammed some members for equipment, so weird. Its totally unrelated to this post and peoples disgust with two legged animals killing four legged animals ;) but if anyone can be bothered to read it and if its okay to post it here ?

  • I would use hyper-cardioid shotgun mics. Lav mics under clothing would be too muffled and can get noises from clothing and movement.

  • @arnafjodyr I don't think I ever heard this idea before, genius! never occurred to me. Surprised this isn't a commonly used idea for interviews, best of both worlds get a mic really close and be able to make it invisible. Some problems might be a light change over time on an interview maybe though..hmm. Have to be careful about mic shadows too...

    If people looked at what the clip was then they would know the documentary maker is very famous and isn't going to glorify hunting but show it in its gory detail so making it look horrific. Personally I hate this virtue signaling (oh my poor eyes for watching an animal be cut up) when in reality 90% of the world are meat eaters. Personally I can't condemn hunting even though I think its a stupid activity because as a meat eater I'm getting others to slaughter animals for me on daily basis to satisfy my desire for tasty meals. Is it any sicker to have slogans like 'I'm loving it' at Mcdonalds and hunters enjoying what they do?

    *Funny how no one even mentioned the sadomasocism of the other clip. Yeah i'm sure people would say each to their own and its not hurting anyone but I bet most people wouldn't want their President, King or Leader of their country involved in such perverted activity.