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Atomos Ninja Assassin, HDMI only 4K 10bit recorder
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  • What is the difference in LUT and 3D LUTs? Can Ninja deal with both?

  • Tried Google?

  • Is there any specific difference in shooting GH4 Vlog Mode or Atomos LUT Vlog?

  • I am getting digital noise on Ninja Assassin with GH4. Please see attachment. That is only there when on 8bit and gone on 10bit. That normal?

    Also how important is the cable for the recording quality? Any cable recommendation?

    1000 x 750 - 286K
  • Also how important is the cable for the recording quality? Any cable recommendation?

    Cable is absolutely key component, do not go less than top Monster Cable line, as otherwise electrons become entangled and vital components of information will be lost forever.

  • @Alexauwa, I like to know how it turns out as I am also interested in the Assassin. Try the atomos micro to full hdmi cable or maybe try this other one as they say it good for up to 4k.

  • Thx. What about atomos own product line? In a Review it has performed the same as Its 5 dollar competitor.

  • I rented one of these for a small music video shoot I had this week. When I connected the HDMI from the Assassin into my GH4, it started to smoke and burnt out the HDMI in my GH4. This was pretty upsetting, as I have never had this problem before using the Assassin. I have a complaint into Atomos about this, probably just a faulty product, because most everyone else has been happy with the product...

  • @discomandavis whoa thats bizarre. Did it damage your camera, or the Assassin?

  • As far as I can tell just my GH4, as you can imagine I wasn't eager to try it out on any of my other cameras. The camera is still functioning, but the HDMI is toast :/ so I will need to send it in to get the HDMI fixed. I am still waiting to hear from Atomos...

  • I need a quick help pls. When on the GH4 C4K Mode is aktiv ninja assassin say 1080p24. Whats wrong?

  • Also recorded audio can be monitored while recording but when playing the files on atomos I wont hear anything on reply.?

  • @Alexauwa - the assassin is telling you the camera is set to 24fps because that's the only frame rate possible in cinema mode. Also, have you checked your hdmi output settings to make sure your outputting 4k and not down converting?

  • Just read a bit. C4K Mode does not seem to be supported. That's dissapointing...

  • Is there any good sunhood alternativ to the original?

  • First time using mine - had to dirty it up, cuz it was too damn clean... Not used to that. Zero and I mean Zero budget music vid, only household lights, GH4 and NA at 10bit 4K, even at 800 ISO the image was super clean - see the 50mm CU's of the Acoustic Guitar and Gab from the front... had to add grain and muck it up a bit. (vimeo coming soon so you can see the grain, YT compression just kills it.) Finally can see a difference between using the wide angle adapter and ND on my lenses versus using them clean... and will likely make the former a standard setup cuz without them the image looks like video. Had to shoot at 1250 and dirty up the glass with multiple layers to get mojo, and even then add grain in post. might have to switch to Dogshidts...

  • I see they have discontinued the Assassin, but I'm still interested in this recorder/monitor, as far as i can tell from the Atomos site it has exactly the same features as the Ninja Flame, but is lighter, slightly different build, are there any other differences I'm missing between this and the Ninja Flame?

  • It's a much brighter screen (1500 nits) and also has an HDR mode I don't entirely understand

  • To really see you still need to connect a larger monitor everything looks great on the device, but when I got it home I could definitely see detail I couldn't on set.... It was nice test run, but need to do many more tests before integrating it into my kit as a regular piece. I just plugged it into my plasma and hit playback on some of the footage I still had on the drive and there I could clearly see how clean the image was... like too clean for what i wanted in this piece... and I was using the wrong LUT for viewing... I should have done some test shots in the space and reviewed on a larger monitor first....

    Oh well, live and learn.

  • Ok thanks- so a brighter screen and HDR mode are only the differences between this and the Ninja Flame? Despite being discontinued it looks like a good piece of kit and a solid upgrade from my current Samurai Blade (mainly for the 4K recording advantage)

  • So, I finally got the hang of using mine with V-log and the GH4. And it's basically film in an SSD box... I can shoot with no light, or in this case 1 light...

    OK fine, the projector in the projected shots counts as two, and I guess the Sun counts... but other than that... one Arri 650 fresnel lit this entire thing. I did use a 2x3 foot bounce to get a nice soft wash on her face and shoulder. This is the first project to be shot with ColorGHear Spectrum. It was finished entirely in FCP-X

    I love the 4k prores workflow, and with the LUTs loaded in, I'm basically using the False Color mode to expose, and what u see is what u get... Didn't use a meter for the first time in years. No budget music vid.... just used what I had on hand. I love the 10bit falloff, and if I'd had to grade this in post it would have been so nice.

  • Hello everyone I just got a used GH5 someone could tell me which Ninja is best for record in prores 444?