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help with gh2k
  • I want to film videos, for now just review videos. I have 2 softboxes that I use for lighting. I downloaded the Sanity x hack hoping that it would help but I still get a ton of noise and everything in the background and to the side of me is blurry. I am shooting in manual movie cinema mode 24 p

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  • Hack won't help with noise and anything like it. Usually higher bitrate looks like more noise :-)

  • oh ok. I've been playing around with settings and I found a combination that seems to work well for me. shooting in manual movie mode fhs. now the issue is I get an error saying "motion recording was cancelled due to limitation of the writing speed of the card. everything goes fine until I start recording movement. I've tried shooting it in cinema mode 24 p, but the quality seems less and the frame rate seems low, it looks laggy

  • You are not giving us enough information to help you. What memory card were you using? What lens? What type of scene? Aperture/ISO?

  • SanDisk Ultra Plus 80 MB/s SDXC Class 10 64 GB. The lens is the kit lens that comes with the GH2K 14-42 ISO. The scene is just me sitting at my desk with 2 softboxes for light. ISO 500, and I'm not sure what the aperture, I have the exposure set to P and it says on my screen 0

  • also I am having trouble keeping other things in the shot in focus besides myself

  • Ok first of all that memory card is not fast enough for many of the hacks, I'm sure the others will chime in on that. But you really need to learn the basics (aperture/shutter speed/ISO) first. If you want everything in the scene to be in focus then you need to shoot at a smaller aperture, which would potentially mean higher ISO to compensate, which will translate into more noise. You also need to shoot in manual video mode on the mode dial so you can set everything yourself.

  • The hack I am using is Sanity X, is my memory card fast enough for that? I haven't shot anything over 6 minutes. My settings right now are aperture 4.5 shutter speed 50 iso 320 24fps, and manual movie mode on the dial. it seems to be the best that I have tried so far, but like I said I haven't recorded a video for a long period of time so I don't know if I'll get the same error that I got before

  • Increasing the ISO and using a higher f stop will improve the depth of field and give better results. Also throw away the SD card and get a faster one. The hacks need the fast cards to be reliable.

  • the lens it came with doesn't have an f stop. would a 90 MB/s SD card suffice?

  • Please read the faq first before posting:

  • F-stop means your aperture. Again please go back and learn the basics first facepalm and read the faq as yskunto suggested.

  • @stevet your lens is way too dark for shooting in the low lighing. Try out a fast lens like f/1.4 or 1.8

  • @tetakpatak:

    He wants everything in the scene to be in focus so a fast lens will not help him achieve that. In his situation (low light), he can't have deep DOF with low noise. Just not possible with the GH2.

  • I'm not shooting in low light, I have sufficient lighting. Is a 90 mb/s SD card too slow for the Sanity X hack?

  • I had failed recordings with Sanity even though others had no problems. Try a different patch. I really liked GOLGOP13. I use 95mbs class 10 cards and even those can stop recording with some patches if the amount of image detail and movement is too high. There is no simple answer. With the GH2, under exposing will be very noisy. Don't be afraid of raising the ISO setting as it will help to keep the noise under control. The GH2 is quite noisy unless you set the exposure accurately.

  • Is a 90 mb/s SD card too slow for the Sanity X hack?

    @stevet it definitely isn't too slow

  • stevet did you already read the faq? please note that the sandisk ultra is not that fast. 80/90mbps of sandisk card is their reading speed. the most important is the writing speed of which sandisk extreme is the type of sd card that you should use. about the noise, as long as you did not need the details in the shadow area, just crunch all into black.

  • ok thanks for your help guys

  • @stevet, you should upload a clip to Youtube quickly and then you can point out the issues you're having. Otherwise, we're really just guessing on what you're experiencing.

    Also, the autofocus in video mode on the GH2 is very hit or miss. If you need autofocus, it helps if you use the touch screen to designate a focus point. I like using the multipoint focusing, and then tapping the horizontal center, and upper third of the frame, and that should be about where your head will be for most review videos.

  • I am shooting in cinema mode 24h aperture 4.5 shutter speed 50 iso 320. Like I said these are the settings that seem to work best. here is a video of me and my friend, we were testing out the afc.

    also the other video on my channel was filmed on a different camera, so pay no attention to that one. let me know what you think

  • ok you guys should be able to see the video now