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Analog film slr advice (esp. regarding mount compability) Nikon F3, Canon F1
  • Hello guys,

    I am looking to buy a film slr but want to use cool old vintage lenses like m42 screw mount, minolta, contax etc (I already have some) and therefore look for a camera that allows lens adapting. Which mount respectively camera would you go with? SLR's I am interested in (price not bigger than 250€ preferably lower): Nikon F3 Canon F1 Olympus OM 4 Minolta XK (you can also recommend others)

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  • I wouldn't mess around with adapting lenses from one system to another on film SLRs. This is really a thing of the modern age, for mirrorless cameras with very short registration distance.

    (Most) film SLRs are cheap. Are there any lenses you already own you are particularly interested in using?

    M42 - I would get an Pentax Spotmatic SPII or F are my favorites I have used. Many other models are just fine... condition is more important than brand. Minolta - X1 Olympus - I prefer OM1(n) to OM4 unless you need advanced metering, etc. Nikon - FM is a good basic body.

    Don't know about Contax bodies much... Never used Canon FD stuff... but I know Canon F-1 is a classic.

    But I would pick one lens set and collect within it. M42 has the most 'crazy' glass since many different manufactures produced for it.

  • Nikon is nice, but you will not able to use m42 lenses. Canon FD mount for film slr is very good. the lenses is cheaper compared to Nikon and m42 to Canon FD adapter is exist. I ever saw nikon to fd adapter as well.

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