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GH1 GOP 3 patch
  • I have been using this 24p GOP 3 patch with my GH1 for a month now and it is very stable with excellent detail in motion and shadows. It will peak up to 65Mbps and works well in low light scenes. It produces an average of 45Mbps. Best used with SanDisk extreme 30Mbps cards.

    Please give it a try and see how it works for you.

    PTool v3.62d (160811) settings

    Native 24p/25p checked

    Video Bitrate FHD/SH = 120000000
    Video Bitrate H = 34000000
    Video Bitrate L = 28000000
    Overall Bitrate = 120000000

    720p60 GOP size = 3
    1080p24 GOP size = 3


    Preset bitrate = 530
    Preset bitrate 2 = 1060
    Overall bitrate 2 = 120000000

    AVCHD Research
    Video buffer = 33.500.000

    Here is a sample on vimeo

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  • Hi. I tested it at daylight outdoor and got a lot of empty (192bit) frames with 7-14mm. It gave me 46mbps average bitrate and no card speed errors, but a lot of frames were lost. Card - transcend 16gb class 10. I am staying at @LPowell s MaxLat patch. It works perfect for me with any lens in any situations.

    Edit: Oh, i am sorry, a forgot to note that i test it only at 25fps.
  • Its not set up for 25p or to work with transcend cards
  • Congratulations rigs!
    is it possible to use these configurations with as 25p?
    How is it possible?

  • @simurg It's for GH1, no GH2
  • Sorry, is it possible to use these configurations with as "25 FPS"
    How is it possible?
  • work for me thank you
  • @simurg I only use NTSC in 24p, and have not tested any versions of this patch for 25p. You might try to set 1080p25 GOP size = 3. I'm not sure how it will work for you.

  • Compare to Gh1 Stable 24P patch
    Which one would you put on your camera now?
  • Just did a shoot with this lattest one and it worked out great.
  • I've seen a lot of problems with these settings. İndoor scenes and low detail scenes very successfuly!
    But, outdoor and detail scenes my card (sandisk class10) crashed!

    Technical info: Lens 14-42 / Nostalgic CMode / -2 -2 0 0 / İso 160 / Shutter 30-50
  • I'm having problems with outdoor scenes. Great indoors. Gh1 Stable 24p is more versatile.
  • I just filmed alittle of the NYC Marathon earlier today (EST 1PM) with this GOP3 settings loaded on my late model GH1 with the Lumix 14-42mm @ 1/30sec, f11, smooth (-2,-2,0,-2) and IS on, using 32GB Sandisk Extreme HD Video. I filmed for 11min ending with a file 3.4GB in size with no problems. Thanks rigs.

    StreamParser info:

    Size = 3,577,092,096 Bytes (18,630,688 Packets)
    Stream: Max Speed = 220,595,700 bps
    Mode = 1080/24pH (Native Hack)
    PCR Timing Interval = 0.095 seconds
    Clip Time = 0:11:05.28
    Average Total Bitrate = 43,014,669
    Average Video Bitrate = -9,812,793
    Average Audio Bitrate = 235,023
    Average Other Bitrate = 945,293
    Max GOP Size = 971,904 Bytes (7,775,232 bits)
    Video Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max)= 76,992 / 222,729 / 520,320
  • Hi @rigs, for my own needs your "GOP3" is one of the best patches I've ever tried on the GH1 - and this is what I need:
    - best possible IQ (so 24p native must be)
    - high bitrates/good details for postgrading work
    - stable, reliable function and in-camera-playback
    - reliable spanning

    I tough it is too much what I was searching or that the GH1 simply can not give all of it at once, but this patch is just amazing, thank you so much!

    The test chart begun today late afternoon (with sunshine) and ended in dark, total time 2h58' until the card was full. Camera set to NTSC to get AVCHD 24p FHD, "natural", 0,0,0,0. In another GH1 body was at the same time tested your "reliable 24p patch" which was just as stable. Yet, the "GOP3" has higher bitrate. Towards the end of the test I tried to check its stability with stress situation, lots of moving, fast light/dark changes. The "GOP3" was always running further, no freezing, always spanning.... great, great, just great GH1 setting! On first, quick check in the Stream Parser the file I checked looked wonderfull.

    I will post here more after more testing. The first test chart was absolutely successfull with this card: Sandisk SDHC 32GB 95MB/s, camera set to NTSC (although I live in PAL country)

  • As @rigs didn't upload his GH1 patches, here are the settings for both patches by rigs (described above) which were spanning very reliably. If anyone wants to try it, please use latest PTool version (3.66 beta). I only enabled PAL/NTSC choice for people with PAL GH1s to switch to NTSC. I did not test these patches in PAL.

    I forgot to mention that I used old MF lenses on the both GH1 cameras (each with Canon FD 24mm set at f/4 or f/2.8) which might be important information, as GHx cameras "work" very hard when Panasonic lenses are mounted (lens distortion correction). It is not the case with the MF lenses via adapter.

    ADDED, JANUARY 27th 2013: after adopting all settings exactly the way rigs wrote, I've noticed weard behaving of the GH1 in shutter priority "S", while "A" and "M" had no problems at all. It seems I've found today way to fix that, I will post here news after some more testing.

    GH1 rigs stable
    GH1 rigs 3GOP 24p
  • Just testing the GOP3 settings on the forgotten GH1. Excellent work. Works fine on my 8GB Sandisk Video HD 30MB/s SD card.

  • @sakattaq76, the cats look great, but I was wondering if you did color grading on the video? Some of the colors looked very saturated, in particular Greens and Blues and some of the edges looked a bit over sharpened. What were your settings on the GH1?

  • @Aria, thank you for your commend. Almost on any case and depending the lens I am using I shoot with "Vibrant" 0,0,-1,0. Yes I did some touches on post with G.V. Edius. Oversaturated colours and enhanced details with sharpening, especially on the clouds. The scene that the cats are sitting over pieces of wood, is shot with the Vivitar and is almost untouched on post. Sorry for the handheld shaking but I don't like image stabilization on editing. Finally this is a test for image detail and stability with recording times on sandisk cards, not so for colour reproduction. Sorry if all this doesn't make any sense, english is not my native language.

    Watch another example on those videos (as you can see, I am a big fun of sky and cloud landscapes).

  • One more GOP3 testing, some times with wide aperture and high detail scenes, I get crashes while recording clips more than 5 minutes. I am using a 16GB Sandisk Extreme Pro. Will I have better results with other cards?