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Casey Neistat
  • Watch me imitate and then analyze the world's greatest youtuber:

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  • I like it! Thanks for an interesting Analysis of this guy :)

  • @chauncy

    What with exposure jumping like mad, almost like flicker?

  • He is absoloutely right. The said thing is, that Neistat will hardly survive his rollercoster speed trip. I stepped over Neistat by chance, because i was searching for Phantom 4 footage and since then watched his Vlog every day. And besides his outrageous consumer behavior - which is also only a consequence of his maniac personality - his stye of story telling is art in every way. Saidly all this big maniac Rock Stars die young. Let`s hope he will survive somehow. I am pretty sure he will be filming his own end someday.

  • I hope he doesn't survive. I lost respect for the guy right after he released the video who he is going to vote for. It is not about the candidates or politics for me I can care less but it is about the way you approach people and force your ideas on them.

  • Funny - I usually think he's a little bit insufferable, but his election video makes me like him more. I'm not sure how him making a youtube video called "Who I'm voting for president" that you're free to watch or not watch is forcing his ideas on you. Did Casey come to your house and hold you at gunpoint until you watched it?

  • sure it is funny ;-) if you can't think for yourself watch more of his videos. You really don't know or realize how video/commercials work. It is like with kids lying to you on a daily basis to be able to gain something from you (it doesn't have to be a physical property) the more and longer they lie, the more you get used to it and you just convince yourself what they are doing is ok. It is ok to be a sheep.

  • What are you even talking about? Whether or not he was compensated for making a video asking people to vote for his candidate of choice, nobody is at all obligated to watch it - and if you do watch it, you're similarly not required to vote for the candidate he suggests.

  • Once again I don't like his way of presentating unproven ideas hence I don't watch his videos any more but you are welcome to do it and I'm out of this discussion.

  • I think he made a mistake with the politics but that's all I think it was. I did a video about what I thought.

    But the comments were unreal.

  • I don´t get it. One of the keystones of the USA is the fundamental right of free speech. How could this be wrong?

    Anyway, his political statement has nothing to do with his formidable talent of producing entertaining and eye catching content on the fly. I even forgive him these ugly expore jumps, they are part of his style. Of course there are episodes that i don´t like. Everything about his exsanguinous wife is unbelievably boring. All in all he is like a child on speed without any sense of humor and completly insane in the membrane. Nevertheless he is youtube´s best storyteller.

  • Please subscribe if you like the video. I need subscribers- I'm just getting rolling. Watch the vids on the other huge youtubers, Jon Olsson and Jesse Wellens and what I think of their style. It's not pretty, but it is funny. Plea over.

  • There is enough bullshit on YouTube. I don't care about opinions of random people. And anyone voting a new Hitler in power should be ashamed. Hillary might be a bad option, Trump isn't even an option. Too bad so many Americans think so, and ricidule their country in front of the world. Just like the Brits did. Yes, there is tons of stuff that needs to be fixed, but voting dictators and populists into power isn't a solution. Look at Turkey, the Phillipines or Russia to see what happens when you do that. But people never learn... they should all read some history books to see what happens when you let yourself be fooled by facists.

    Trump voters complain that the system fucked them over, while Trump is symbolic and a big beneficiary of that very same corrupt system. But I am not surprised by recent developments. The GOP (and Tories in UK) have been extracting value from society, blocking democracy and doing hate campaign after hate campaign on their opponents. This world doesn't need hate, it needs unity. Brexit and Trump are dividing society, not uniting it. History will teach us, once again.

  • @sohus

    It is not politics topic. No need to go this way.

  • @sohus: Absolutely!

  • Everything is political. Nevertheless i see the point, the topic is more about making entertaining movies.

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    Trump just retold post of @sohus

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  • Now I'm an even bigger fan of Neistat.

    Also Jon Stewart, also Louis C.K...

    Good for Casey for standing up for his beliefs.

  • Pop culture icons (not sure he is quite in that category yet but close) always lean left. Its no surprise that he chose to endorse Hillary. What's annoying is the same old boring self-important media regurgitation rant he want on about the "other" candidate. I expected more from him because his channel always remains so neutral. But hey its very important to him, and he can do what he wants. The beauty of (mostly) free speech.

  • There's always Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Elvis? For the right wingers...

  • @scau

    Just ignore it all. All so called "celebrities" and their words. And also US elections. Nothing will change anyway, why spend precious time and energy on all this?

  • Agreed Vitaliy. I just removed my comment so not to add to the noise.