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Panasonic G80 / G85 / G8 4K 5-axis stab magnesium monster
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  • I want a 50% discount for G80! Wait, a discount did not solve the "stickiness"?? burn it down!

  • @Skomer

    I did not find video issue mentions.

  • Yes @Vitaliy_Kiselev... a bit strange... In any case, they are not showing any pan/tilt movement on their videos... and, if I'm not wrong, this 'sticking' issue happens when moving the camera...

    Let's hope it's just some unities failing (that they of course will replace).

  • I have asked for a long time that Panasonic should make two stabilization modes for video: Rock steady mode for locked on clips and action mode for smooth and floating camera movements. Now seems that they have made the former which resists movements just like a stabilization lock button in some video cameras. Image stays still until the camera moves too much and the image jumps in new position. Panasonic should add the action mode later with FW update.

    Does the G85 has any video exposure improvements like showing exposure values during video, auto iso in M with EC comp, auto iso limit, shutter speed limit, etc?

  • Stabilization mode maybe have some options in menus?

  • Vesku, i can tell you already that it shows exposure values during video recording and has auto iso limit, zebras, peaking with 2 colors of choice, the other ones i need to check.

    Vitaliy, for video the only options in the menus are Stabilization ON-OFF and E-Stabilization ON-OFF. There is another one but is only available for photo mode, it's Stabilization with vertical arrows, i'm assuming to stabilize pans.

  • @ncortinhal

    Thanks for checking. Does it show all exposure values (SS, aperture and iso) also in automatic video exposure modes? Does it really have auto iso limit for video?

    I think it would be fun to have two stab modes for video: Sticky and not sticky.

  • In automatic doesn't show while recording. The auto-iso limit can be accessed in M mode and not in Video-M, but you can record video from there with the same settings.

    Would be great. :-) Panasonic IBSS (in body stabilization sticky)

  • @ncortinhal


    If you record video with any of the photo modes using the red button the exposure is always fully automatic. You cant know then what the camera is doing.

  • I haven't done extensive testing, but so far cannot recreate the stickiness issue (shooting with 12-35mm). Think there's a fair amount of trolling going on.

  • @jules that is good to hear. I would not assume that there is trolling. Buyers should be aware there maybe production issues and to test there camera to see if there camera has issues.

  • Ok, we can say that old lenses without Dual IBIS 2, works fine just in the way that gx80 does. So probably its a bug with new stabilization (new lenses) in a specific kind of move.

  • @Grimor If we are to believe what is being reported someone in this thread reported the issue with a non stabilized lens so that analysis would be unlikely. Also if it was a firmware issue all the cameras would exhibit the same behavior and that per Jules is not the case. So this is pointing to a manufacturing issue if any. That being said it is really to soon to say as more people report there experience it should become clearer.

  • Is it the electronic IS being turned on as well - that could be the issue?

    So you have Lens OIS, IBIS and [E-Stablisation] turned on.

  • @hanriverport if the "stickiness" is not replicable in other units, then it is likely that your unit is defect. Can you test with other unit? judging from the video, if indeed your unit is defect, it seems one of the axis stabilisation is not working properly

  • 2 examples handheld, shot today, panning from A to B and back to A

    in the first one, slower, we can see the stabilization resistance coming back, in the faster pan is perfect.

  • @nortinhal have you tested with any other lenses? Eg non dual IS?

  • When I returned it to the store, the rep and the manager also tested the display model as well as a new box. They were all exhibiting the same issue. Any variation or change in movement or speed caused a drag/rush/snap. Also, there are many others now sharing videos and stories on facebook, dpreview m4/3 , youtube and mu-43 with the same problem. I think this is not a bad run in production but either a bug or feature depending on how Panasonic wants to deal with it.

    The reseller I returned the camera to agreed the footage was unusable and even called Panasonic and asked them if they were aware of this issue.

  • @jules

    Yes, i tested with other lenses. Same behavior with all.

  • Release firmware -> Let´s wait for the first fix.
    Would LOVE to see more options too (only vertical stabilisation for Gimbal use for example.
    Or as mentioned already a seperate "Movie mode" with less stabilisation -> To get no such "jumps").

  • Well it seems like DPReview is awared of the G80/85's problem with IBIS for video ( - the final paragraph on the 'Real World Samples' comment refers to Marcin's GX85/G80 IBIS comparison. Seems like they've contacted Panasonic, so things are probably getting serious...

  • @Skomer

    Unfortunately, while the G85’s image stabilization is excellent at stabilizing static shots, it seems to struggle differentiating shake from intentional movement. For instance, when panning hand-held with mechanical stabilization engaged, footage can appear jerky. This is especially noticeable when panning in a diagonal direction. We observed this issue when using both a Dual I.S. 2 capable lens (the 12-60 F3.5-5.6 kit) as well as a third-party lens (Olympus 17mm F1.8), but not when using E-stabilization.

    You can see an example of this in the video above. And for more examples of this issue, Marcin Rucinski has a detailed video looking into it (skip to 3:00 mark). At this time, we’ve contacted Panasonic about the problem and we hope it’s something that can be rectified via future firmware.

    Seems like added after initial publication.

    Yep, it was updated only after being asked in comments, so actually reviewers fully and absolutely missed it.

    It also still takes no place in final page and marks, but it should be major point.

  • So, notice to new guys for now

    Avoid getting G80 / G85 for now!
    Wait until it will be clear if it is serious hardware flaw or firmware issue.

  • They missed it totally and then revised the review so it looks like part of the review. No credit to the real researchers. Classy.