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Movofilms/FilmCity GH4 rig - any users?
  • Saw this advertised while browsing rigs for a recently purchased GH4 - too good to be true? Incredibly cheap compared to similar rigs I've seen advertised, love to hear feedback from anyone who has one

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  • If you deduct MB other cheap offers exist

    Also note that Indian (FilmCity) rigs are usually of inferior quality compared to Chinese ones due to tech level of factories.

  • Ah really, my only concern with the Neewer from reviews is that the distance from shoulder to cam with this rig is not so good for tall people as it's quite short

  • Can you explain that you mean? By idea toll or not have no relation here.
    Or you mean for people with long hands? It is also standard 15mm rods, you can always get longer ones, but normally you want to keep camera not far away (as will be hard to hands and require bigger balance weight).

  • Ok, so i could get some longer rods to fix to the Neewer shoulder mount, I don't want my arms tucked in so much when i'm holding the grips

  • Yes. You can always go for longer rods.

    Btw.: I had such a FilmCity Rig once. Bought it only to get the Mattebox and to try out the counterbalance weight. The problem with this rigs is, that they have a VERY low overall built-quality. If not the lowest one I´ve ever seen. The metal parts are really cheaply made (one handle was even broken - The thread for the screw was worn out as I got it -> It seemed like in production someone screwed it in "at all costs"). Also a problem was, that nearly all connections and also some of the rod clamps were out of plastic. That makes the rig REALLY unstable (and also not very save).

    I don´t recommend to use such a rig with higher price equipment. I still have the Mattebox btw. (that one is quite good / acceptable). But also sold the counterbalance weight - As the counterbalance clamp was also out of plastic (you can see it on the picture you posted)! To be honest I didn´t want to drop the counterbalance weight (while filming) and hurt someone standing nearby. Now I use a "TARION" aka "KAMERAR" counterbalance weight - Quite nice (if you need one for the neewer rig. And I use a clamp behind the weight (to have an additional "safety" -> That the weight is not falling off) ^^.

  • @Tscheckoff

    I don't think that he plans to use this rig for latest Red Epic :-)

    But Indian rigs, as I said, are bad, they improved in last years, btw, but still worse than Chinese. It is due to difference of metal cost, difference for molding costs (hence they use part for like 4-5 times longer) and much worse machinery.

    I think Neewer will stand quite a beating.

    Fotga that we have on deals (and I really need to add all new parts), is being used for costly cameras and is very popular due to quality for cost.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev:

    g. Sure. But even a GH4 or A7s or so is "too much" to be honest.
    Yes. Fotga is also quite nice - They got better and better over the last few Years (!)

  • g. Sure. But even a GH4 or A7s or so is "too much" to be honest.

    Did not see any big issues, really.

    The only things that can suddenly break and make real damage in such rigs are the handle clamps. If you are so afraid, get just longer screw and add nut to other side. It is few bucks.

    Locally I saw even old Indian rigs used for many years by various local TV and such crews and they took very serious beating. Some screws had been replaced and such, but they worked.

  • Sure. You can modify it.

    But I wouldn´t use the handles for example without modification. At least glue in the screw or so with strong epoxy (and use a nut additionally on the other side - yes). Btw.: I had the older maybe still available full plastic version (where also the base and QR plate was out of plastic - The linked one with the cage is already better at the base area). Btw.: As mentioned already also the counterbalance was not really "safe". Also there a modification of the main screw is needed if you plan to use it more intensively. And the offset clamp you need to replace (it´s a "must have" - It´s just bending too much under the load.

    If you do all this, then it´s usable yes - Tried it with a no-name metal offset clamp for a few days.
    But it´s not really inspiring confidence if you need to modify and change that much at a brand new rig ...

  • @Tscheckoff

    OK, we got nowhere here. Except scaring poor people who will be completely fine with such rigs.

    With around 97% probability with Neewer rig you won't need to modify anything for any light camera (same as topic authors).
    For Fotga it is 100%, I am not even talking about Tilta, Lanparte, Skier, etc.

  • Just mentioning the limits of the shown Filmcity rig =).
    @tubefingers: Keep your focus on the other brands.
    Your money is better invested there ^^.

  • Ok so longer rods are an option :) I'll check out the Fotga kit as well