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Wedding Videography
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  • Not about video, but

  • 10 Similarities Between Pokemon Go and a Wedding Photography Business

    There are supposedly 151 Pokemon but chances are that you’ll never see all 151 on your screen, let alone catch them all. Just as there are plenty of wild Pokemon out there, there are plenty of marrying couples getting married on a weekly basis.

    I once saw a Gyarados but as I was a passenger in a car, I was unable to even click on it before it disappeared on the screen. I’ve run out of Pokeballs. I’ve had my internet connection cut out on me. I’ve used 10+ Pokeballs and razz berries to only have a wild Pokemon run away. Trying to catch every single Pokemon is impossible!

    At times, you’ll say all the right things to a prospective client and even throw in a free engagement session or a free canvas print to only have them disappear on you. Remember, you can’t catch them all. Remember to enjoy what you do and have fun. Don’t get caught up on the fear of losing out. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry with couples getting married every single day of the week.

  • Filmed with GH4. Came TV Single. 10 cups of coffee and 20 hours on feet. Enjoy!

  • Hi, I am considering to attend a wedding videography "masterclass", related on technical and marketing skills. Without saying which, I just wanted to know if any of you ever did such a step and if it was worthed. Thanks for advices

  • @davjd You may be referring to Ray Roman? If not then check out "Wedding Cinematography Essentials with Ray Roman" at Creativelive. I believe if you apply everything in Ray's training then the rest is up to your experience and natural talent.

  • Fujifilm X-T2 for weddings

  • How To Shoot A Wedding Ceremony

  • Here's a wedding I just finished editing.

    Shot 90% with GX85 with various lenses, and the remaining shots/angles were 4 GH4s for the ceremony and various other shots.

  • Setting 7D for wedding

  • Shot using GH4 + Came Single for movement shots

    Scotland has so much to offer in terms of venues, also helps when the weather plays nice

  • As suggest bu @Vitaliy_Kiselev I post my question here, hopping for your addvice.

    Hello, I have a quite "simple" question (maybe the answer won't be so simple). If you want to open of wedding photography business in USA, what do you have to do regarding to the law ? Should you register yourself somewhere ? I guess you probably have different possibility ? Do you suggest one better than an other one for a new company ? I m planing to open a wedding photography business with no studio. And I have read some article regarding taxe that you should paye or not , depending if you sell some object (like a wedding book), but didn't really understand every thing...

  • Wedding videography or videography in general is my personal passion and in a perfect life I wish it was what I did for a living. I work in IT full time and have done for 20 years and that pays the bills and allows me and my family to live quite happily. At weekends, free time at work or whenever I can I am reading about\playing with cameras and making videos. These videos are mainly of of days out, occasions with friends and family and other such events. I have also been piad to do weddings for friends of friends recently and the feedback has been very postive.

    I really enoy the creative process and the look on peoples faces when they watch back my creations with huge smiles on their faces. I always feel I am fighting against time to enojy my hobby what with othe work and family comittments but as a hobby\passion it is what I truly enjoy. I dont hate my day job but even when I am work my passion consumes my mind.

    With this in mind it has crossed my mind contsantly over the past couple of years whether to take the plunge or not and become a full time wedding videographer. On one hand I get to do the thing I love, and get paid for it so it must be a great idea right?

    On the other hand, it would mean being my own boss, worrying about jobs coming in, working weekends away from family and changing what I would class as a creative free passion into more of a strict "job like" task to get the footage I need and to turn the workaround as quickly as possible.

    This money pressure would then surley take away the passion and creative freedom I currently possses from filming only as a hobby and not a role that the mortgage relies on?

    I suppose you dont know until you try it, but I dont know if I am prepared to risk it and lose the enjoyment of the hobby which filiming currently is...

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated..

  • I made the switch about a year ago, I was in full-time employment and over a period of about 15 months i moved from that into full-time videographer. If weddings is what you plan to make most of your money from, then you will need to slowly increase the number of weddings you do over a given period of time. Couples in our area tend to book weddings 15 or so months in advance so this will be different most likely where you live. By slowly agreeing to take on more and more work, there will come a stage where you can quit your job because you know on paper you have enough weddings for a full year.

    At the end of the day, only you can make that decision but my advice would be that if you love making films, using cameras and seeing people react to what you have made? Then it would be a massive shame for you to have given up an opportunity to do more of that for fear of what the future might bring.

    Just my two cents.....

  • @Sph1nxster Thanks for your comments. I believe weddings is the only viable option at this stage as I have a small portfolio of wedding work already under my belt and it is easy to market yourself in this area through social media. Other more serious videography work I assume would require a long history of work, qualifications and years of knowledge. It seems with weddings most couples are happy to sign you up once they have seen a few examples of you work or you have been recommened through a friend, This wouldn't be true of more commerial work however?

    May I ask what your previous full time job was and what type of videography do you do now?..are you full self employed? you find the new role still fulfills your passion now that it is required to pay your bills?

  • My Work thus far, solely edited, directed and filmed by me...GH4, monopod...FCP X