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Affordable $400 One Hand Gimbal
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    • 32bit controller
    • For any camera/lens combo up to 1.2kg
    • All 3 usual modes - fixed, one axis following and 2 axis following
    • 2 way joystick
    • Uses QR plate for camera
    • AC power supply, internal charging
    • Comes with special sturdy bag
    • $449, and this include fast shipping

    Available at out deals for: $449$400
    Shipping: Price includes shipping for US/Canada/UK/Australia&NZ/Western Europe. Contact for any other regions.
    I want to buy this gimbal.



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  • Any reviews?

  • @zcream

    I did not heard about hardware issues with it. For some cameras you'll need to tune it.

  • Love to hear some feedback from users on this - Letus/Movi etc are a little to my budget at mo and too heavy

  • What's the plate type? Arca Swiss?

    Can you spin the platform so the tilt motor is on the other side, allowing for side-flippy screens on the left side of the camera (GH's etc) to be swung out for viewing?

    Is the battery built in or removable/swappable?

  • I doubt that it is Arca Swiss plate. Similar, may be.

    You can't set motor to other side, at least simply you can't. For one hand gimbal and usual shooting it is simpler to tilt handle to make screen clear.

    Battery is internal charged with charger that can be seen.

  • so interesting for the price... but without a test by a SERIOUS filmaker, hard to buy (for my personal view)....

  • @gabilourson

    So, you need some experienced camera operator making no less than Hollywood dramas?

  • I just say that there is tons and tons tests in youtube making by less-experienced people, and it's hard to put 500 dollars without seeing concrete results. :-)

  • @gabilourson

    Well, with such gimbals you can have only wires issues (going to motors or accelerometer). All else is software - algorithms and settings.

    For now if you pay slightly more and want most painless thing -

  • Dieter made video about it

  • Wow! This one for me.