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4x4 ND filters: fixed set, or double polarizers as variable ND?
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  • Couldn't help but notice all the polarizing or not on VND's. I've used a set of hoya/canon polarizers to make a vnd and yes you could rotate both together after adjusting the exposure and see the polarizing effect. However I now use a 72mm Opteka vnd that cost $30 on amazon and there is no polarizing effects. Also, never seen any bokeh quality, overall sharpness or ghosting even in stills.

  • Best review I've seen comparing crappy Genustech Vari ND with others:

    A generalization - seems like so many people obsess over purchasing the sharpest lens possible and then put a crappy ND in front of it.

  • As stated many times, the Genus is the same quality as LCW one. You need to look at the Genus Eclipse. Two very different filters. Seems like this.test was done to make the Genus fail on purpose.

  • @vicharris , i did not had time to test Eclipse Vari ND from Genus with vintage zoom lens, as I'm missing a step up ring 72 - 77 mm, have an old Soligor 35-140 f3.5 not that sharp lens ... Have no other zoom lens at present time ...

    4000 x 3000 - 5M
  • @feha Oh I wasn't referring to you at all! But I'd still love to see some tests with the ND on your lens at 50 and above. You can still tell if it softens your lens up more.

  • If you think nd filters do not change anything with color cast you need to do more homework!!!

    notice at the end of that video they used two polarizers and had no color shift. Not only do nd filter cause color shifts different sensors react differently to each nd filter. You should know what you are talking about before you go blasting away on a forum

  • And don't forget that all variable NDs soften image (a lot!) when used on telephoto lenses. Starting from around 100mm focal length and over.

  • Genus have brought out a new vari ND filter (I have their Genustech Eclipse, which is better than the Tiffen vari nd which I also own). Looks like the first vari ND to properly incorporate a polarising filter as well.

  • Genus are proud to announce the launch of the Solar Eclipse, a dual purpose filter comprising of a variable Neutral Density Filter AND a Circular Polariser. Both elements are individually adjustable to suit your shooting conditions and control the amount of light going through the lens.

    Each of vari ND is also circular polarizer.

    Do you mean that you can adjust both of polarizer filers separately or that?