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  • Query on Nex 5 & 3 shutter. I have been able to install a modified APS-C sensor at the film plane in a 1980 Nikon FE and achieve perfect focus. The IR filters are located within the camera body so the camera can shoot in normal colour or in infra red with the filter taken out.

    I wish to build the Nex onto the backs of film cameras I own but the shutter is required by the Nex to process the picture even though it is not actually needed as the Nikon takes the photo. The Nex is just "electric film". The shutter is bulky and makes it difficult to bypass the sensor flex pcb's over it to the motherboard. So with this work you have all done with hacking the firmware, can you see a way of making the Nex process a high quality RAW and JPG without the shutter in place?

  • I just installed Open Memories on my A7s2 successfully, but I am having some trouble with the recording limit tweak. I can disable the standard video recording time limit, but under Disable 4K Video Recording Limit, the checkbox is greyed out and it says (not available). I'm using tweak version 0.9, and camera firmware version 2.1.

  • Installed Open Memories right now on my A7S2, FW ver 2.10. Same problem as Sangye. Cannot remove 30 min. limit on 4k recording, marked "not available". Anyone can help?

  • I'm wondering if this hack work with the latest firmware 3.10 for Sony A7RII ?

  • Although it says not available, you can record in 4K for more than 30'. At least on the A7r-ii

  • Will be interesting if OpenMemories still works on the rumoured upcoming menu firmware change.

  • Confirmed: I just recorded a 2 hour test clip in 4K/30p, using Open Memories 0.9.

    No overheating issues either. I was using external USB power.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Hi, I can not install neither the tweak nor activates the "camera info" with my a7m2 with new firmware 3.20. It happens to you? The tweak is compatible with only 3.10?

  • @colsub , if you use Mozilla Firefox, you can't. Use Internet Explorer or other browser

  • thank you Sangye and yiannis_zach ! I willl test on my A7sII and report asap!

  • @yiannis_zach, but can I install with 3.20 firmware on my a7m2 ? Thanks

  • I had no problems here with my A7R II and current firmware.

  • @nomad , thanks for the info

  • Seems that someone has found on a5100 some .bin files for 4k recording, maybe it can be enabled ?

    This is the link of the tread

    I asked him to post here, so maybe he can gives more information about the location of the files

  • any idea if the temperature limit can be controlled via tweak? It seems the forced pixel reset does something that influences the runtime before overheating, so maybe that can be triggered in a more direct way?

  • hi, i'm in japan and planning to buy the local version of a6000 which is much cheaper but I need to be able to change the language, will this hack work with the current firmware 3.20?

  • Here are disassembles of from a6300 and a6000 is it possible to replace this libs on running camera? Maybe we will get a6300 api features in playmemories mobile app, such as Contents Playback for example? And maybe replacing some of libs can help with enabling PDAF on LA-EA1 adaptor?

    Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 10.35.10 PM.png
    1435 x 632 - 139K
  • @mobimore

    You can rarely if ever can do such replacements.

  • Hi, here

    you can see my problem:"Exception: Timeout" :( The 0.8 version GUI recognizes my camera Sony A7m2, then I load OpenMemories-Tweak.apk, the program reboot camera...but while the camera will restart the program gives me this error: "Exception: Timeout". Can someone help me ? Thanks :)

  • Vitaliy_Kiselev, but if i have IDA, i can disassemble and get information about functions that exist in .so files and some bin files. Is it possible somehow to use this functions? And i don't think that A6300 is so much different from A6000 and PDAF with LA-EA1 is possible on A6300 and is impossible on A6000... In A63000 .so files there are some functions that are responsive for lens information and for information about PDAF, i think it should be possible to patch it somehow...

  • @mobimore

    Cameras are based on different LSI, so huge numbers of things you never know are different.

    Until you somehow have few millions under your pillow and big wish to spend them pointlessly I suggest to just get camera you need instead.

  • Hello, I tried the hack on the A6500 and I can report that it works there, too. No more recording limit, even in 4K! :-)

  • Hello,

    Thank you very much for the app development. Unlimited recording is quite useful.

    One question, in my testing, I noticed that my RX100 IV and RX10 II can record unlimited with a battery in place, but if I use a dummy battery or USB power the cameras revert back to 30 min.

    Is there a way to enable unlimited recording time while using external power?


  • @colsub it seems like your browser didn't establish the connection to your camera. Try with another PC