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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @Walkaboutcamera

    I removed few posts due to them being offtopic here, make new topic and use all your flame talents.

  • @Walkaboutcamera Panasonic chose to compress the GH4's V-Log L range in favor of mirroring the Varicam's luminance curve. The Varicam is capable of 14+ stops, the GH4 is only capable of 12, so there is clipping (mostly in highlights). In theory this approach is better for professional color grading between the two cameras when applying LUTs. If the GH5 has an additional stop or two of DR we may end up with a V-Log "L2" profile that is much closer to the Varicam Log curve and more effectively "fills" the extra luminance range that 10 bit affords. It will depend on the sensitivity of the sensor that they shove into that little beast.

  • @Tron

    Please don't go into this. Make separate topic if you like.

  • I was expecting 422 @ 10 bit from Panny, after all they are working with Leica and they sell it by now in their cameras for the rich amateur. It might even be that they have an agreement about when Panny may offer it in a camera for the mass market (Sony had a similar grace period with Panavision regarding the F35 in it's time).

    Once the GH5 is out, this will break the dam. Technically it's long overdue, but as long as others could sell 402 @ 8 bit (like Sony), there was no competition in the price sector.

  • One of Photokina backstage rumors/leaks is that main LSIs in Panasonic GH5 and new Olympus are very very close :-).

    • Both include dual cards support, but with only one being UHS-II.
    • Both support 422 10-bit video, but Olympus got LSI with agreement to restrict it to HDMI output.
    • Both cameras will have impressive burst performance.
    • LSI supports new sensor based 5-axis stabilization algorithms (it means that it has necessary outputs to all coils and things). Will be strange to not see it in flagman. Stabilization algorithms sharing was one of points in new agreement rounds (long time ago).
    • GH5 sensor will be custom.
    • Some quiet talks are also about special film like filters ala Fujifilm.

    P.S. One of the talks is that new G80/85 shares almost same LSI with GH5 but restricted.

  • Any more rumors on the possible multi aspect ratio sensor Vitaliy?

  • I'm wondering if it does 60fps in Cinema 4k (4096x2160).

  • Who knows if 6k photo mode will be strongly time limited per single clip, and if it will be easy (and possible) to get a 4k video clip out of it. 6k (photo mode) is what I was mostly waiting for, as I often take pictures out of my 4k video when filming weddings, but if I will decide to shoot a clip in 6k photo mode to get better pictures I am gonna need that video clip also...

  • "P.S. One of the talks is that new G80/85 shares almost same LSI with GH5 but restricted."

    Hack time?

  • In case Panasonic is watching this topic, please, please include crop marks with different aspect ratios in the GH5.

  • I would love it if the GH5 supported in-camera recording using the BT.2020 colorspace and the SMPTE-ST-2084 transfer function, as this would allow not only to retain the dynamic range of the sensor (like V-Log also attempts to), but it would also allow to review high dynamic range video on contemporary TVs directly, without going through an editing/conversion cycle, first.

  • Also wondering what high speed 1080 modes there are? 120-240 fps? With 60p 4k it would have the readout speed for 240 at 1080. Correct?

  • @Dark_Blue anamorphic de-squeeze in cam and ofc is this V-Log2 is available for free ( otherwise I'll wait for the GH6 with global shutter and 8K) the possibility of loading LUTS (as @karl mentioned above) in cam or the possibility to check directly waveform, vectorscope, parade and histogram (false color etc), in a blink of an eye, in cam if you exposing to the right

  • Seems like there is a working GH5 sample at Photokina...

    540 x 960 - 52K
  • Phase detect AF? - prototypes are so cool to see!

  • One more word about Nick Driftwood: For the forum, he seems to be on the "other" side, but for Panasonic he is still the "hack guy" and whenever something leaks out, he is still the first suspect for Panasonic.

    And directly to Panasonic: No, Nick did not say anything more than what has been published before during the Panasonic Press conference.

    That is sad! That he should be the first person suspected :-(

    In happier news, info has been leaked out about a new Panasonic camera (with Panasonic's approval it appears!):

    Edit: heh.. yeah, I'm posting the same as what @EspenB just did I see :)

  • In case Panasonic is watching this topic, please, please include crop marks with different aspect ratios in the GH5.

    Agreed!!! This is such a simple feature, yet so handy to make sure your compositions are spot on, that it should have even been in the Panasonic GH1!

  • Never mind... that instagram pic is clearly the FZ2500 instead.


    Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-25 um 08.38.38.png
    1000 x 661 - 364K
  • Yeah @IronFilm I also noted the missing "joystick" controller from the CameraStoreTV instagram picture.

    I almost deleted my entry because of it.

    However that might not be the final body design. The mockup at the booth may be closer to the real thing. However unfunctional. Could someone at the show get hold of that mockup and take the lens of please... ;-)

    But of course it could be something completely different.

  • Never mind... that instagram pic is clearly the FZ2500 instead.

    You are probably right.

  • Any guestimates on pricing?..Based on what the g80 is going to sell for...maybe the gh5 will be around £1200?

  • @lmackreath

    Let't think

    • GH1 + 14-140mm lens had been $1500 first, but if you want you could get body for $700.
    • GH2 had been $900 for body and same $1500 for 14-140mm kit
    • GH3 had rise to $1300 at the start, $400 rise
    • GH4 had another rise to $1700, $400 rise

    So, as least we can expect $200 rise, and most probably in $300-400 range, for body only.

    My expectation is:

    • US price - $1999 for GH5 body without some core feature enabled, feature will cost another $99
    • EU price - 2159 EUR for GH5 body with 30 minute time limit, version without limit and feature enabled will be 150 EUR more

    Only actual reason why they are good is that they have camera under GH line that get most sales now.
    It was G7 and now it is G80.

    GH line now is very high margin, around 4x more profit for Panasonic compared to GH1 time.

    Sources from both Panasonic and Sony also tell that one word is constantly popping on each meeting - margins, how to make something that will sell but with much increased margin.

  • wooo....thats pretty much priced me out of the market then...I could probably get around £500-£600 now for my gh4 body to go towards the cost of the gh5, but I didnt expect it to be that much. For someone like me who probably wont see the benefit of 10-bit and 4k 60p I might go with the G80 instead. If I was going to improve my current GH4 in anyway it would to have inbuilt stabilisation, thats all I want. I think the G80 will give me everything that GH4 does already plus the stabilsation so I might go for that instead.

  • @lmackreath

    You and most of PV people are not in target market for this camera, I think.

    Talks among marketing EU guys are that they need to targets two niches now - top professional and just rich people. Both allow to sell at big margins.

    I can see it on Photokina as Panasonic guys lost interest in tech oriented and not rich shooters, despite some words and assurances. In last years all changed.

    Current marketing idea was to put big money in marketing (all will be included in price!) and present it like Leica for video shooters.

    Small P.S.

    Why GH5 announcement was made so early?

    One of the reasons is to get marketing budgets and include in reports some preorders estimations.

    Actual expected time for first batch shipping is from March 2017 to more real August 2017.

    Only cameras that are danger is the upcoming Sony cameras featuring 4k 60fps.

    Actually, best hardware was in Samsung, who wanted to offer 4K 60fps, 1080 240fps HEVC 10 bit camera. But few top managers killed camera team as they needed team members to work on mobile photo areas and some other things, but can not get people due to respect and hierarchy, so killing all division was only option.