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is gtx980 not supported by Premiere pro CC ?
  • Hello, during rendering with gpu-related efects (procamp, lumetri, MB looks,...) GPU is idle 0-20% of load when CPU is running all at 100% load all the time. Is that caused by non-official cuda support for gtx980 in PPCC ? Last PPCC 2015.3, fresh drivers on GPU and MOBO and of course CUDA Playback/render activated I am actually thinking about buying one gtx780ti for cuda work Thank you

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  • Oh, sorry, forgot to mention - already tried to create cuda_supported.txt file with GTX980 inside or use similiar program for adding this card but no change, seems CC 2015 or higher not using any list or so and its strictly defined. Adobe support told me //there should be no issues with this card, its normal that GPU is idle and YES its not in official supported cuda cards" good help tho :)

  • You have to test it by taking a clip and dumping a bunch of GPU based effects, including resizing. Use the basic filters like Fast Color corrector and just keep piling them on to see if the GPU usage goes up.The latest versions of PP do not need the cuda_supported file. My 780ti rarely goes over 15 percent unless I load the effects on. I'm assuming you went into the sequence settings to check if it is on.

  • yeah as i wrote above, testing it on gpu related effects -> 4k video downscaled to 1080p with procamp, lumetri, MB looks, gaus.blur and so..). CUDA is on in sequence settings, double checked before. DrDave are you running on win10 with latest premiere pro ? if so will be very nice if i can test to render some of same files with same settings like you and compare time or gpu use lets say to render bars and tones template in PPCC .. is it possible please ?

  • No w10 4 me evah! Sorry.... If it plays on the timeline and the bar isn't red, you must be good?