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Is there a zoom lens for full frame with mechanical focus?
  • Hello!

    I am looking for a decent zoom lens (Standard range, 24-70 for example) that covers a full frame sensor and has non electrical manual focus for use with a follow focus. I don't need auto focus but it wouldn't hurt either.

    Is there such a thing?


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  • Of course, there are such lenses.

    Here is an article on the popular Nikkor 24-70, f2.8, full frame lens, with manual/auto focus.

  • That description is really vague and would match nearly every zoom ever made. Do you mean for Sony E mount? That's about the only system I know that has focus-by-wire on most/all of its native zoom lenses. If you're looking for native E mount, this one is pricey, but supposedly good:

  • Thanks! I don't think that there are may NOT focus-by-wire lenses out there so my question seems not so vague to me. It doesn't have to be native Sony FE, but yes, this is where I'd like to mount it in the end. :)

  • As mentioned above, almost ALL current autofocus zooms have a manual (not by wire) focus option. Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Tamron… take your pick.

    The fact that they are meant for autofocus will mean that the manual focus mechanism is not very good (short throw, too sensitive, etc.).

    But then there are the millions of zooms made for the manual focus era, which are much better in this latter respect.

  • Ah, focus-by-wire was really rare until recently. If you want a native E-mount zoom that doesn't focus-by-wire, I think the 28-135 may be the only option.

    It'd be a lot cheaper to get a Metabones a decent Canon or Nikon. The Canon 24-120/4L isn't a terrible option if you're on a budget - it's definitely not the sharpest lens you'll ever find and it doesn't have built-in follow-focus gears, but it's decent and I've used it with a FF before. Otherwise, the 24-70/2.8L is a little faster and a lot sharper - though by the time you add a Metabones, it's in the same price range as the 28-135.

  • The Sony 28-135 does focus by wire, but it has a fixed focus scale, so it works with a follow focus.

  • Hard stops is what is important for FF. So either the lens focus mechanism or the follow focus itself must have hard stops and not spin inf.

  • Can't doesn't have a 24-120mm f4, but Nikon does.

  • @IronFilm - Right! My mistake - I meant the 24-105/4L. @Balazer - Ah! I thought I'd read that it was mechanical! Ick!