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Panasonic GX80, GX85, or even GX7 Mark II in Japan
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  • Here are a few observations about the PAL GX-85 I ordered through Personal View last week.

    Camera arrived in good condition and took about 5 days to be delivered to Australia.

    I have been testing the camera with several different lenses including some Nikon AIS primes (20mm f2.8, 28mm f2.8, 35mm f1.4, 50 mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4 and 135mm f2.8) and with a couple of M43 lenses namely an Olympus 17mm f2.8 pancake and Panasonic Vario 14-42 Pancake X lens with OIS.

    Firstly the Panasonic Vario 14-42 Pancake X lens is meant to be working in DUAL-IS mode but it is indicating via a display icon that it is working in 5 axis Hybrid IBIS mode only...

    I have Firmware Version 1.0 (GX-85 Body) and Version 1.1 (14-42 X lens) installed - there is some confusion about this lens functioning with DUAL-IS on this body as Version 1.1 firmware is meant to allow this feature to work...but I have also read Panasonic are going to do a future firmware update to allow DUAL-IS operation.

    All I can say is that it isnt working on my lens / body combo but the 5 axis Hybrid IBIS is still very effective...

    I can't preview the 4K MP4 files on Windows 7 x64 using windows media player and there are no icons / thumbnails displayed or any resolution / bit rate / frame rate info shown in explorer.

    When importing these files into Adobe Premiere CS5 the MP4 files seem to have a fair bit of noise (especially around edges) and when I drop them onto a 1080-25P timeline they dont seem to scale properly (Premiere does however intepret the footage correctly as 2160-25P files).

    After Effects seems to work without any problems (other than speed) with these same files.

    The Premiere timeline is also very sluggish when scrubbing thru these files....editing would be near impossible with my setup (ASUS G550 JK + 1 TB Samsung EVO SSD + 16 Gb RAM)

    However I have encoded these same MP4's to Cineform 4K-25P and 1080-25P files in both Adobe After Effects and Cinefrom GoPro Studio and all these problems disappear....

    The noise is completely gone (files look very clean at base ISO), I now have all info and thumbails present in explorer, media player plays both the 4K and HD files without glitches and CS5 imports and scrubs both 4K and HD files very smoothly - image quality after conversion seems to be very good.

    I will now be testing the camera extensively over the next few days...feel free to ask me any questions.

  • @Spectra There is no update X 14-42 firmware yet. so. It doesn't work with Dual I.S. ;-)

  • DP Review had a link to an update for the Panny 14-42 x lens but after following the link it was actually for a completely different can see it listed as H-HS043 - the last lens on the list.

    However the correct model number for the 14-42 X lens is H-PS14042S.

    The model listed as H-HS043 is the 42.5 mm f1.7 ASPH model.

    Hopefully there isnt some technical reason for not releasing a firmware update yet and we see one in the very near future.

  • The Panasonic GX80 is a mediocre camera which does the job just like many similar models in the overcrowded and overhyped 'mirrorless' camera market. But then the point is to get us to spend our money on something that is significantly no better than we have already. Basically capitalism.

  • Wow, what drivel. Let's completely ignore any new groundbreaking features like sensor stabilized 4K video. Sure, what a mediocre camera. That criticism could be leveled at most cameras (looking at you Canon) but they had to throw it at one of the few budget cameras that dares to innovate? Hilarious.

  • "but from the raw file samples I've seen hardly anything to get excited about."--is this code for "I didn't actually try the camera, but it's OK to review it?"

    Cars: From the bumps in the highway, that must be a load

    Wine: Judging by people's expressions, they must have left the bottle open near a fire hydrant

    Sex: They seemed to be having a good time, but so does everyone. I'll pass.

    Beer: Why should I drink it, when I can think it?

  • I think the soundimageplus guy maybe whinning because he didn't get one to review : ) as he seems to be commenting on a camera he never actually handled. After all pretty much all cameras from the major firms take nice pictures these days it's the little things that separate them.

  • @Ezzelin

    I see some point in his writing.
    Outside sensor based stab improvements are tiny over 2 year old cameras.

  • I bought the GX85 Pal version with no recording limit through this website. It arrived within a few days. Very pleased with the service. As for the camera, I've not had too much time to test it but from what I've seen the 5 axis stabilisation is pretty amazing and I've recorded a clip of 1h 43mins duration in 4K before the battery died which are the 2 reasons I bought it. The image is fine although I prefer the images coming out of my Canon C100 but that is to be expected. I bought this as a B cam and for those moments when I need quick handheld shots. The sound is rubbish but fine for syncing. So far I'm happy enough.

  • @thepriest if you happen to cut them together (c100, and gx85). I would love to see as I intend using them together as well. what bothers you when comparing to the c100?

  • So I've had my GX85 since it was released and have had quite a while to play with it and use it on a few paid gigs now. I have to say, I really, really love this camera!

    Below are a couple of videos I've gone out and shot with it just spur the moment type stuff out and about exploring.

    I used it as my A cam during a wedding video shoot last weekend as well and was BLOWN AWAY at how well it handled with a variety of lenses. I shot handheld the entire wedding and you would never know it was shot on such a tiny camera without support.

  • What battery model this is using and are GH2 or GH4 batteries compatible?

  • Anyone compare the G7 footy to this cam?

    @tonalt different battery, but the GH2 battery works fine in the G7

  • "Anyone compare the G7 footy to this cam?"

  • @tupp Tx for the vids....I just hate that first vid :)

    The third one is pretty fuzzy.

    But the 2nd one is interesting, can't tell much but it looks like the GX80 resolves a little more detail and has a slightly better color balance, good news, if true...

  • Panasonic managers responsible for Sony sensor supplies, shot with GX80


    800 x 602 - 91K
  • There are two tiny Lumix collapsible zoom lenses that work in dual-IS mode on the GX85 - the (US kit lens) 12-32mm f3.5-5.6 and the 35-100mm f4.0-5.6. Each on the GX85 (80) makes for a small, light package perfect for handheld video. Both lens have tested very well in reviews.

    This short (boring) handheld 4K video tests the kit lens in bright light but also dim light (the NYC subway and Grand Central Terminal). There is also a brief run with the camera, with some stumbles:

    This handheld video uses the longer collapsible zoom. It is more interesting - there are lots of people, flowers, fountains, pigeons, a friendly squirrel and jazz. The latter tests the audio (and thank goodness the players are un-amped).

    Both videos were shot in Standard, with only NR reduced to -2. Auto WB. Nothing was done in post to alter sharpness, contrast, or color.

  • @markr041 Thanks for posting those videos! For the 35-100mm video, did you change settings for any of the shots? I know the standard profile is usually pretty contrasty, but some of the shots in that video seems to have the shadows lifted a bit. I actually much prefer the softer contrast look than the standard profile, so I was just curious if you did anything different for those shots. Thanks!

  • @markr041

    Looks very good. Compared to my 14-140mm II your hand held videos are super steady and perfect. I think the newer Panasonic bodies (G7 and GX85) has less noise in 4k than my GH4. Your videos are very clean but I too prefer a little flatter image. Can you remember what was the iso in that subway clip?

  • @kin869 You are welcome. I did not deviate from Standard in any shot, nor adjust contrast in post. I have shot with Natural, which is less contrasty, but I then adjust a lot in post.

    @Vesku Thanks - technology marches on (dual IS!). Yes, I think the newer Panasonics are using a newer sensor, which has less noise and I think better color. But, as you well know, I have no clue what ISO was in the subway shot as I used shutter priority (1/60th) and nothing was reported on ISO or aperture (which I assume was f3.5). I set ev at - 1. Again, Natural gives a flatter profile, but I like more contrast.

    A firmware upgrade to the 14-140mm II (not I) allows it too to work in dual-IS with the GX85 and GX8. So, with a new body, there may be hope for that lens handheld.

  • Museums often do not allow tripods or monopods (or gimbals). So camera/lens stabilization is essential. A museum video captures what it is like to visit a museum - the art or exhibits and the space itself, of course, but also the people (many of whom are picture takers!). This was shot using the GX85 and the Lumix f2.8 12-35 (for "low" light). In this case, part of the illumination was through skylights. On this partly cloudy day, the sun moved in and out of the clouds so that in some scenes the light changes - part of the experience. This was shot using Standard, as it seemed to me to best capture the true colors of the artwork.