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Audio gain per channel? or even real audio bracketing?
  • Most audio recorders have the option to have a low pass filter on one channel when saving stereo audio from a mono source. Some just leave one channel with less gain, etc. Here is an example of such feature (copy and paste otherwise this forum will insert the video here and ignore the time mark)

    Can i get anything similar on the GH2 with hacks? The faq does mention Gain control access, but it doesn't go deeper.

    Btw, feel free to redirect me to dev threads. i am pretty comfortable with embed electronics and programming (just not much with the GH2, yet)

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  • If you're willing to get external recorder, many do audio bracketing. Tascam DR-60D is on special for $125 now (see link below), has audio bracketing, and it has ability to mount camera on top of it. I just got one and so far so good.

  • Also don't go for broke on the peaks - it's not tape :) Peak at a nominal level, as your meters won't show inter sample peaks also - record at 24 bit.

  • @soundgh2 Can you explain what you mean by "peak at nominal levels?". I'm not familiar with that term in relation to audio. What does that mean. Thanks.

  • It means don't peak at 0dB, but lower to always give yourself a little headroom. I find the idea of 'audio bracketing' a bit funny although I understand its function as I've seen countless people struggle with distorted recordings because they don't watch their levels. @matt_gh2 Does the audio bracketing function on the Tascam give you two separate audio files in the end? I'm looking at getting the 70D and I'm wondering if I would ever use that function (thinking that going through 2 audio files may take twice as much time).

  • Thanks @MirrorMan. With my Tascam I get two actual separate audio files, but it's easy to tell which is the regular file and which is the lower level one based on the way the filenames are created. I just open the regular one, and don't touch the other one unless needed.

    Yeah, generally audio bracketing not needed. I just happen to be working on project where actor will be going from whispering to yelling and back and forth at various times. (Turns out my tests using a Roland R-05 with limiter have worked properly recording that whole whisper to yell range, but need to compare yelling sound quality with limiter vs yelling sound quality when recorded at proper lower level with no limiter. I've heard limiters can change nature of sound, but tests will confirm if an issue or not.)

  • 6db=1 bit, etc.