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Best m4/3 adapters for parfocal operations
  • Hi, I was wondering which lens adapters offered the best (or close to) parfocal adjustments for zoom lenses ? Parfocal zoom lenses are really hard to come by, but I know that some special adapters offers adjustments from the back focus/flange in order to get a very close parfocal use from the lens.

    So, which one correspond to this ? I have a RJ Nikon to mf3 adapter (an old version). But what else is out there and are they worthwhile ? What other change the RJ adapters offers now and is it worth the change ?

    Thanks to answer

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  • It is hard to understand what you mean.

    Zoom lens is parfocal by design. If you want to keep it working ok on shorter flange distance mount all you need is good precise adapter, preferable one that can use shims.

    No adapter will make lens parfocal by itself.

  • OK then. Because I know that by adjusting the flange/back focus, sometimes I can work with a varifocal lens like it was almost parfocal. That's why I was asking if there have bee any recent improvements on optics on adapters like the RJ or the Mikaton lens turbo. If any what are they exactly ?

    Incidently, I just found those video of lenses comparisons. What do you think ?

    Thanks to answer.

  • You tell very strange things.

    Adapter can't and will never make you parfocal lens.

    Videos are about infinity focus issue arising from adapter wrong parameters usually.

  • Hi, sorry, the videos weren't meant to be in the conversation. But about the adapters, any recent improvements/changes on them ? I got a RJ from vearly 4 to 5 years ago and I was wondering it was improved since then ?

  • OK. BTW. Do you know any old/used parfocal lens (manual) ? I'm asking because the so called "Cine Lenses" or whatever their name is, are a bit too pricy fo me. Any Suggestions ? I thought of old lenses like this one (, but I'm bot very sure about it, honestly. The fact that I'll be stuck using a rig/lens holder and also that the lens by itseld is more recommander for outdoor uses, it doesn't really help.