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Sony Alpha hacks talk
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  • @ma1co Yes! Thank you! That's really helpful for trying to learn how this stuff works.

  • @malco I've seen the new 'Enable & Disable PAL / NTSC selector #3 #4' at

    Thanks very much vor taking care of that Sony bug.

  • Getting rid of that NTSC/PAL warning is awesome. You are a hero to many people That hesitation every single time I turn on the camera is gone!

  • @malco

    Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! It works like a charm and I'm so happy that this blocking message bug now has been gone. I'm sure there are thousands that now feel a big relieve turning on their cameras without being forced to press an extra button.

    Keep on the very good work.

  • image Look at ## Updater Mode There is some interesting "MODE_SERVICE=2"... Maybe it can be useful to enable it? Mode check is in this file.image

    764 x 618 - 79K
    800 x 772 - 78K
  • Maybe one could separately enable the selector and disable the warning?

    Sorry for just another feature request after all the good things you did for us.

  • @Vitaliy During these days, do you prefer to hack the Lumix, NEX, or NX line-up? I am curious. I start to think that it is better to buy NEX line-up because now, the NEX seems to get more support from the firmware hackers community.

  • @ma1co @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thank you very much! I use your Hack successfully on 2 A6000 and a A7S, it's a great relieve for shooting Interviews with 4 Cams, but on my A7R unfortunately it doesn't work. Still 29:50 min. Any Idea? Protection on/off doesn't help.

  • @ma1co @Vitaliy_Kiselev You think is possible to activate a mode/record/output in DCI 4K resolution (4096x2160)?

  • Wow, thank you so much for those 2 AWESOME Hacks!

    I Don´t really know what to say PAL/NTSC selector is a GODSEND, it makes my life so much better, thank you!!

    I bought a US model but live in a PAL country, works perfectly on my A7s!!

    I really wonder what could be next, enabling Uncompressed RAW for Stills like the A7R2 has would be awesome. Also enabling higher bitrate video recording would be nice, I wonder if you can make that 100mbit Codec happening!

    Great work, keep it up!

  • Is it possible to uninstall the hack? I want to install it on a 'work' camera but might need to remove it in the future. Thanks for your great work, much appreciated.

  • @StephVajda

    Read camera manual, by idea it is same as uninstalling Sony apps.

  • Anyone know whether the language hack is still applied after doing a factory reset? And does it work on a RX100 IV?

  • @infinite

    The language hack is still applied after a factory reset. Of course the language resets to the default, japanese in my case, but the language menu doesn't disappear.

    Interestingly it even stays applied after a firmware update (on my A6000). I sure haven't expected that.

    Right now it seems like a permanent mod, unless sony discovers this (and they will) and decides to fix it in a future update.

  • Hello guys,

    I try out the local method with my MBP on El Capitan, the traditional web app don't work for me, but i need more info how to use that. I download the 2 files pmca-v0.4-osx and 08.apk, but i can't run pmca under terminal. Can someone help with clear step? Thx in advance.

  • Hey guys! Thanks for the great hack first of all.

    I'm wondering has anyone tried updating their A7s ii to the 2.1 firmware and does this remove the hack?

  • As well as I know it works with all current firmwares.

  • I believe it removes the app and possibility some changes but the app can easily be reloaded and applied again.

    This might not be the case with future firmware updates.

  • Hi guys. This is great news. I live in Japan and am planning on buying an A7II. It's much cheaper to buy the Japanese version rather than the international one. So, it'd be great to use this hack.

    While I am studying Japanese, it would be great to have the option to use English.

    Has this been proven to work on the A7II?

  • Hi, I bought a japanese A7II last year, japanese only menu. Is it possibile to have a tutorial or a fw hack with english language? Thank you for your help!

  • Hi, I have been looking for a hack also for the Sony SLT range to change from Japanese to English, I have the SLT A65V, purchased in Japan no English option, I understand if you have play memories or able to install apps to the camera this has been done as above posts however for the Sony cameras that don't have this ability for this app on the camera it will need a direct hack into the firmware upgrade file. any help on this will be great..

  • Sony Japan has issued a brief statement ( )about the use of third-party apps, advising camera owners that it cannot guarantee non-authorized software will work as advertised. The statement also seems to suggest that using them will void a camera's warranty.

    I always loved camera companies management.

  • Can I install this app in a AX53 camcorder, so I have a pal ntsc selector?